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"For the time will come when men WILL NOT PUT UP WITH sound doctrine. Instead, TO SUIT THEIR OWN DESIRES, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say WHAT THEIR ITCHING EARS WANT TO HEAR. They will turn their ears AWAY FROM The Truth and turn aside TO MYTHS"  (2 Timothy 4:3,4).











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MYTH #18: 666






















































Ask prophecy teachers and they will tell you "they" believe [who cares what "they" believe? I want to know what the Bible says!] that the Antichrist is alive somewhere on this planet, probably living somewhere in Europe, incognito, waiting for the opportune time to reveal himself.

Of course, when you ask them who they think he might be, they have no clue as to his identity. [This is understandable, since they got so many other things wrong about the end times].

This teaching is utterly false. The Bible clearly states that the Antichrist is not on earth. He's dead and in hell. He will emerge from hell itself , resurrected from the dead [Revelation 11:7; 13:1,3; 17:8].

That's what will cause most people to be in awe of him and submit to him. They will perceive him as immortal and invincible; as a "god", and will worship satan and his evil seed.

There isn't A SINGLE SCRIPTURE, from Genesis to Revelation, that teaches the Antichrist will be living among us prior to his reappearance.

Why do they teach he's alive, when the Bible SPECIFICALLY states he's dead?  You'll have to ask them.

Prophecy pundits are looking for the dead among the living.

That's why, whenever they've speculated about someone being the Antichrist they've been "dead wrong".
Former prophecy establishment "Antichrist nominees"   include: Hitler, Stalin, Napoleon, various Popes, Muammar Khaddafi, Henry Kissinger, Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan, Mikhail Gorbachev and King Juan Carlos of Spain.

More recently, they've named George W. Bush, Tony Blair, Prince Charles [must admit, I got a good laugh out of that one!], Prince William, Arnold Schwarzenegger, the late Pope John Paul II, Javier Solana of the EU, George Soros, and even Barack Obama as possible candidates for the office of Antichrist.

Bottom line: the alleged "experts" don't know!

Study your Bibles, fellas...You may be surprised what you learn!     


The Antichrist will NOT be a Muslim.

Daniel 11:37 states "neither shall he regard the gods of his fathers, nor the desire of women, nor regard ANY god".

That would have to include Allah.

According to Revelation 17:8, the Antichrist must have already lived prior to the first century A.D. There were no Muslims at the time. The Islamic religion did not even exist until the 7th century A.D. Period. Case closed.



Obama can't be the Antichrist because he was born in 1961.

According to Revelation 17:8 the Antichrist "was" [he lived prior to the first century A.D.], IS NOT, and WILL ASCEND [COME UP] FROM THE BOTTOMLESS PIT".

The Antichrist, according to Daniel 7:8, 24 must come from the territories of the former Roman Empire [Daniel 7:8,24]. Obama was born in Hawaii. That automatically disqualifies him.

Even if we use his father's ancestry from Kenya. Kenya was never, repeat, NEVER part of the Roman Empire.

The Antichrist will be a military man [Revelation 13:4]. Obama hasn't even served in the armed forces... ever. He's a rookie, folks! He's untried and untested.


Contrary to Hollywood's portrayal in such mediocre movies as The Omen, and the prophecy establishment's misguided prognostications, the future Antichrist will NOT BE BORN. HE WILL SIMPLY SHOW UP.

He will emerge, suddenly, RESURRECTED, OUT OF THE BOTTOMLESS PIT [Revelation 11:7].

He doesn't show up UNTIL AFTER THE CHURCH IS GONE and the TRIBULATION has begun [Revelation 13:1,5].

The tribulation hasn't even begun. Therefore, he's not Obama or any other LIVING PERSON.

The reason so many people are trying to "guess" whether he's Obama or whether he's Muslim, is SHEER IGNORANCE. THEY DON'T KNOW WHAT THE BIBLE SAYS ABOUT HIM.

So, any charismatic guy that comes along, and gains a measure of influence and popularity is immediately tagged with the ominous title.

This is a sad commentary on what a lousy job the alleged prophecy pundits have done in providing accurate and biblical information.


For the identity of the REAL Antichrist, Click here:

We keep getting emails from people who insist President Obama is the Antichrist and that we "need to read the Bible", yet THEY DON'T OFFER A SINGLE SCRIPTURE to support their false claim.  There isn't A SINGLE BIBLE VERSE, from Genesis to Revelation, that says it's Barack Obama.  I dare all DELUDED "Obama Antichrist" advocates to provide JUST ONE VERSE OF SCRIPTURE TO PROVE IT: 

Not interested in OPINIONS.  So, don't bother writing unless you can offer BIBLICAL PROOF.  P.S.  I already KNOW there is NONE. 


There's this piece of crap circulating on the internet, particularly on You Tube, where some guy read Luke 10:18, then "figured out" that, when translated from Greek into Hebrew, it says "Barack Obama".

For starters, if you believe EVERYTHING you see on YouTube -- or for that matter, everything you read on the internet, or see on TV -- then you probably also believe in the Tooth Fairy.

Luke 10:18 reads:

"And He said to them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven".

The genius in question claims that the word "lightning" in Hebrew is barak, and that the word for "heaven" is bamah.

Therefore, this scripture in Hebrew would read "I beheld satan as Barack Obama".

He even relates it to Isaiah 14:12 which reads:
How are you fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! How are you cut down to the ground, which did weaken the nations! 

That is a blatant, outrageous LIE.

Even IF his translation were correct (it ISN'T, but even IF it were], it WOULDN'T SAY "I beheld satan as Barack Obama".

It would say "I beheld satan AS barak FALL FROM bamah".

However, that's NOT what it says.  The Greek VERB for "fall" is in aorist active participle, which indicates the action HAD ALREADY TAKEN PLACE, so the LITERAL translation into English would be:

"I was beholding satan, as barak from the bamah having fallen".

The use of the word barak means NOTHING, and PROVES NOTHING: barak is a very common Semitic name and surname. Two well known examples are Israel's former Prime Minister Ehud Barak, and Egypt's former President Hosni Mubarak. There's even a famous entertainer named Shakira Mebarak.

While the word barak in Hebrew does mean "lightning", the word bamah DOES NOT MEAN "heaven" or "sky".

The word "bamah" means "high place" [Ezekiel 20:29].

ANY "high place" here on earth would be a bamah, including the altars where sacrifices to idols were made.

The Hebrew word for "sky" or "heaven" is shamayim.

Furthermore, shamayim is also the Hebrew word used in Isaiah 14:12,13, when it says "how are you fallen from heaven, O Lucifer", which is the second scripture they give as "evidence" for their ludicrous theory.

Therefore the CORRECT translation of Luke 10:18 into Hebrew is:

"I was beholding satan, as barak from the shamayim having fallen".

NOWHERE does it say in that passage that Jesus saw satan as Barack Obama.

So much for that RIDICULOUS theory.

The people behind this video are TOTALLY DISHONEST.

They're not the least bit interested in what GOD SAYS about the Antichrist. They've deluded themselves into thinking they can get Him to do their bidding.

They FIRST DECIDED THEY WANTED the Antichrist TO BE Barack Obama, then went on a WILD CHASE to find SOME WAY to try to make this Scripture "fit" their "candidate of choice".

When you do that, you can claim Bugs Bunny is the Antichrist.


I've said it before, and I'll say it again: The Antichrist is who GOD SAYS, NOT whom WE WANT HIM to be.

Did Jesus name the Antichrist?  Yes.

He named him in the Book of Daniel.  He named him in the Book of Revelation.  He DID NOT name him in Luke 10:18.


This is pure myth. There's NOTHING in the Bible to indicate that.

If God didn't want Antichrist's identity revealed until he shows up, they why put it in the Scriptures? [Daniel 11:28,29; Revelation 13:2].

Furthermore, 2 Thessalonians 2:1-3 says that our gathering together with Jesus cannot take place until two things happen:
1. the Departure [ho apostasia] of the Church, and
2. the man of sin [Antichrist] is REVEALED.

To learn his identity, FROM THE BIBLE, go here:

Or here.


That's NOT what the Bible says. If you read Revelation chapter 13 closely, it says John saw ONE of his SYMBOLIC HEADS as if wounded to death, but his deadly wound was healed.

The question is, if Antichrist is a man, and Revelation 13:18 UNEQUIVOCALLY STATES THAT HE IS, how many heads does he have?

Obviously, he's got one head. The 7 heads mentioned in verses 1 and 3, evidently, are SYMBOLIC.

What do they represent? The answer is found in Revelation 17:10 where the Antichrist beast is further described: THEY REPRESENT 7 KINGS, of which 5 are dead, one is living, and one has not yet come.

If THE HEADS are KINGS, then John SAW ONE OF THE 7 KINGS AS IF he had been wounded to death, but his deadly wound was healed.

The verb sphazo [meaning "wounded", "slain", "to slaughter or maim violently"] is used in the perfect passive participle, clearly indicating, this HAD ALREADY OCCURRED when John wrote it.

The word for "deadly wound" is plege, which means a deadly stroke.

Revelation 13:14 gives us one further detail, the wound in question ISN'T a head wound, or bullet wound, it's a SWORD WOUND.

The word translated "sword" is machaira in Greek. It means "a small sword, dirk or dirk-like object".

So, we have ONE of the 7 KINGS, who SUFFERS AND SURVIVES a mortal wound caused by a machaira.


This event had already happened, so we can immediately eliminate the FUTURE Antichrist [7th king] since his 3½-year kingdom hasn't yet happened.

Which of the 6 former KINGS, of the 6 former world empires, [Pharaoh, Sennacherib, Nebuchadnezzar, Darius, Alexander the Great, or Ceasar, suffered such a wound?

Julius Caesar comes to mind, since he was stabbed repeatedly with a large knife or small sword, BUT IT COULDN'T POSSIBLY BE Caesar, BECAUSE HE DIDN'T SURVIVE. The same can be said of Nero, who committed suicide by stabbing himself thru the neck.

Only one of these kings suffered such mortal wound, which he MIRACULOUSLY recovered from, to the surprise and wonder of his troops. What king was that? Alexander the Great.

It's well-documented, historic fact, that Alexander was STRUCK in the chest by a barbed arrow which pierced his lung, and came out his neck.

NO ONE, not even his doctors, thought he'd survive, but he did. 

It took 39 different surgical procedures to mend the damage, but it healed.

Indeed, Plutarch compared Alexander to the Hydra, the mythical serpent which, when you cut one of its heads off, ANOTHER GREW IN ITS PLACE.

The Hydra, in fact, pictured below, CLOSELY RESEMBLES John's description of the Antichrist BEAST. 

Bible prophecy teaches, quite clearly, that Antichrist will be permitted to rule the earth for only 3½ years, or 42 months. Nowhere does it state he will rule for 7 years. That's utterly false (Daniel 7:25; Revelation 11:2; 12:6, 14; 13:5).

Antichrist will NOT sign a peace treaty with anybody, much less for 7 years, since he will  rise from the abyss and reign on the earth for only 3½ years (Daniel 7:25, 12:7; Revelation 13:5).

The Scriptures are CRYSTAL CLEAR that he WILL NOT be alive on earth and suddenly reveal himself as the Antichrist, but IS PRESENTLY DEAD and will emerge from hell (the abyss) itself. (Revelation 11:7, 17:8)

This "treaty" is pure religious fabrication resulting from erroneous exegesis of Daniel 9:27 which reads: "he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week" (Which, in prophetic lingo, refers not to a literal week (7 days), but a sabbatical week (7 years).

To "confirm", according to the dictionary, means to "ratify, reinforce or make formally valid something that already exists".

You can't "confirm" something that doesn't [already] exist.

The Antichrist is NOWHERE mentioned in this verse.

The word "peace" is found NOWHERE in this verse.

The word "treaty" is not found either.

NOWHERE does it state that the covenant is made, then broken. The words "make" and "break" are not found there, either.

Therefore, this verse doesn't refer to a future covenant, but to the already existing covenant between God and Abraham's seed.

The "He" mentioned here isn't the Antichrist, but the Messiah, Jesus Christ. Jesus, not the Antichrist, is the subject and focus of this prophecy [Daniel 9:25].

The Antichrist, I repeat, is not even mentioned.

But HOW can this refer to Jesus Christ? Doesn't Daniel 9:27 say that the same person who CONFIRMS the covenant COMMITS THE "abomination of desolation?  NO, IT DOES NOT.


"The covenant" refers to the [already existing] eternal covenant God made with Abraham and his Seed.

This chapter begins with a reference to that covenant [see Daniel 9:4].

The exact same word in Hebrew beryith is used in both verses [4 and 26]. In verse 4, Daniel is NOT talking about a "7-year peace treaty", but about the [Abrahamic] covenant.

Messiah doesn't make this covenant. He confirms the already existing one. He ratifies it. How?

By dying on Mount Moriah where Abraham was going to sacrifice Isaac 2,000 years earlier.

Abraham prophesied that God would provide Himself a lamb for the sacrifice and even called the place Yahwe Jireh [God will provide] [Genesis 22:8,14].

Jesus was the Lamb God provided, to confirm His covenant with Abraham and his Seed, just like Abraham predicted, just like Daniel predicted [Genesis 22:8-14, John 1:29].

Since Messiah is Abraham's Seed, only the Messiah is qualified to confirm such covenant.

This is Paul's clear teaching in the New Testament:
"Now to Abraham and his Seed were the promises made... to your seed, which is Christ.
And this I say, that the covenant, that was confirmed before God in Christ, the law, which was 430 years after, cannot disannul"... [Galatians 3:16,17]

The Antichrist never was, nor will be, Abraham's Seed. Therefore, there's no way he can confirm the [Abrahamic] covenant.

It's the Messiah who caused the [animal] sacrifice and oblation [grain offering] to cease.

God no longer accepts such sacrifices and offerings, since the ultimate sacrifice for sin, our Lord Jesus Christ, the Messiah, already offered Himself as the final, eternal, all-sufficient sacrifice to confirm the eternal covenant God made with Abraham [Hebrews 9:12, 10:14].

It's ONLY the Messiah's precious Blood that can confirm His Covenant. It's ONLY His Blood that forever washes away our sins. Praise His Holy Name!

Leave it to the stale, sterile prophecy establishment to take a portion of scripture that's supposed to glorify God and exalt his faithfulness, and ascribe the prophecy to the Antichrist.

[Actually, that shouldn't surprise us, since it isn't His glory they seek, but their own].

One has to totally take this verse out of context, twist it, add a number of things it doesn't say, plus a good dose of religious speculation, to come up with the ludicrous "7-year peace treaty".

There's NOTHING IN THE ENTIRE BIBLE about a "7-year peace treaty".

Therefore, DON'T LOOK FOR a "7-year peace treaty" because there won't be one.


Daniel 9:27
DOES NOT, repeat, DOES NOT refer to the "abomination of desolation". Daniel 11:31 and 12:11 DO.

BEFORE you fire off an e-mail asking "what about verse 27?", ESPECIALLY THOSE OF YOU WHO READ THE NIV, please take a DEEP breath, and let that sink in for a moment.

I've nothing against the NIV, but it does not offer the most accurate translation of this particular verse.

Daniel 9:27 is NOT what Jesus referred to in Matthew 24:15-21 when He said that when they saw the abomination of desolation spoken of by Daniel in the temple (holy place), they should flee into the mountains.

He was referring, rather, to the other two passages: Daniel 11:31 and 12:11.

The Hebrew word used in Daniel 9:27 is shikkutzim which UNEQUIVOCALLY REFERS TO "ABOMINATIONS" [more than one, PLURAL].

In the other two passages it's shikkutz, which means JUST ONE "ABOMINATION" [SINGULAR].

The "abominations" [plural] in Daniel 9:27, that caused the SECOND temple to be destroyed, and its site to remain desolate to this very day, are the same abominations that caused Jesus to throw out the moneychangers from it, and overturn their tables [John 2:14-16], the same ones that caused Him to refer to it as "a den of thieves" [Matthew 21:13; Mark 11:17; Luke 19:46].

Daniel 9:27 has already been fulfilled. Daniel 11:31 and 12:11 are still in our future.

The "prince that shall come" mentioned in Daniel 9:26 is NOT the Antichrist. Rather, it was Titus the Roman prince, who CAME in 70 A.D., some 600 years after this prophecy was given, and destroyed the city [Jerusalem] and the second temple, PRECISELY as this prophecy foretold.


Daniel 9:27, as explained in Myth #7 above, refers to Jesus who confirmed the Abrahamic Covenant, in the middle of the 70th week, and caused a Sabbath [shabath] of sacrifices. He made sacrifices stop, or "rest", because God no longer accepts those.

That is why  Jews HAVEN'T offered sacrifices for sin for the past
2,000 years.  That is why THERE IS NO TEMPLE in which to offer sacrifices for sin.

After Jesus' Supreme Sacrifice -- there's NO MORE SACRIFICE FOR SIN (Hebrews 10:26-29).

7-year "weeks" or shemittas begin and end on Sukkot (Deuteronomy 31:10).  Therefore, THE MIDDLE of a shemitta "week" is Passover (3½ years into the shemiitta and 3½ years before it ends and a new "week" begins).

It was Jesus, NOT Antichrist, who died on Passover (John 18:28,39; 19:14)

How, then, can this cessation of sacrifices refer to the Antichrist, when he has YET TO APPEAR as such?

In Daniel 9:26 "the prince that shall come" destroys Jerusalem and the temple.

If this were the Antichrist, and if this were referring to him placing the [one] abomination of desolation Jesus spoke of, HOW COULD HE PLACE IT IN A TEMPLE that HE JUST DESTROYED?

It doesn't add up.

To sum up, verses 26 and 27 CANNOT POSSIBLY refer to the Antichrist because:

1. The Hebrew text doesn't support it, since it DOESN'T talk about ONE specific abomination but MANY.

2. This prince [Titus] ALREADY [IN THE PAST] destroyed the city and the SECOND temple, fulfilling this prophecy.

The FUTURE Antichrist WILL NOT destroy Jerusalem, or the THIRD temple.

3. The future Antichrist will conquer Jerusalem [Zechariah 14:1,2] and SIT IN the third temple, passing himself off as God [2 Thessalonians 2:4].
He will place A SINGLE ABOMINATION [IDOL] of himself in the THIRD [yet to be built] temple (Matthew 24:15).

4. If Daniel 9:26,27 referred to the Antichrist, Scripture would CONTRADICT ITSELF [perish the thought] because these verses say he'll destroy the city and the temple, whereas Zechariah 14:1 says he'll conquer the city and 2 Thessalonians 2:4 say he'll SIT IN the temple. He won't destroy either one.

5. As already stated in the previous Myth, the Antichrist is not mentioned IN ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM, in the aforementioned verses.  The ENTIRE 70 weeks prophecy is about Jerusalem and the Messiah Prince.

6. As already stated in the previous Myth, Galatians 3:17 UNEQUIVOCALLY STATES it was Jesus, NOT THE ANTICHRIST, who ALREADY CONFIRMED THE COVENANT.

I didn't write the Bible. If you want to argue about it, take it up WITH GOD, not with me. Thank you.


Self-declared prophecy pundits will tell you, time and again, that this "prince that shall come" mentioned in Daniel 9:26 is the Antichrist.

There are at least 5 MAJOR problems with their FALSE theory:

1. The Antichrist is NOWHERE mentioned in this verse.

2. The Antichrist, according to the Bible, will NOT destroy Jerusalem and the temple. Rather, he will CONQUER AND OCCUPY Jerusalem [Zechariah 14:2; Revelation 11:2] and SIT IN the temple, passing himself off as God [2 Thessalonians 2:4]. Hence, there's NO WAY this "prince" can be the Antichrist.

3. This prophecy was ALREADY FULFILLED, in precise detail, 2,000 years ago.

4. There's no "mystery" whatsoever as to the identity of this prince.

5. The prince in question is the Roman prince Titus, son of Caesar Vespasian, who destroyed Jerusalem and its temple in 70 A.D., EXACTLY as Gabriel predicted.

In Daniel 9:25-27, Gabriel predicted that Jerusalem and the temple would be rebuilt [they were], then ONCE AGAIN destroyed.
They were.

He predicted that, from the edict to rebuild Jerusalem to the Messiah, there would be 69 sabbatical "weeks" [483 years].

the 483 years, in the middle of the FINAL (70th) week [3½ years later] Messiah would be killed.

Then [
after Messiah's death] this prince would come and destroy the city and the temple YET AGAIN.

Everything happened, in exact sequence:

Jesus began His public ministry in the fall of 30 A.D. He died for our sins and rose from the dead 3½ years later, in the spring of 34 A.D.

That means that 69½ weeks of this prophecy have been fulfilled, leaving only the FINAL 3½ years of tribulation in our "future" (Daniel 12:7).

Some 37 years later (after Jesus died and resurrected), the Roman 10th Legion, under Titus's command, totally destroyed the temple and leveled the city to the ground.

This "prince" IS NOT in our future. He already came and fulfilled this portion of the prophecy IN OUR PAST (70 A.D.). 

That's not speculation. That's FACT.






*As of July 22, 2010,
effective immediately, we are LIMITING challenges to ONLY TWO TOPICS: 1) Salvation itself, 2) the teaching about the Rapture and Second Coming, based on Daniel’s 70 weeks.

Other teachings on this website have withstood every challenge for over 12 years.  The reader is welcome to take them or leave them. However, we will NOT get bogged down, this close to the Rapture, with silly disputes about who’s the rider on the white horse, or whether the Islamic Mahdi or President Obama will be the Antichrist. 

If you’re saved, it won’t matter anyway, 'cause you won’t be here.  Of course you can still write in, ask questions about the Bible, and request counsel or prayer.  Thanks for understanding.








Those who find it useful may partake FREELY. Those who don't, CAN GO ELSEWHERE: the sooner THE BETTER.






and energy, and make a complete idiot of yourself by launching some condemning email ABOUT:

A. My alleged “cussing”:
EVERY ONE OF THE WORDS on this website you call "cussing" IS FOUND IN THE BIBLE. 

Perhaps, you can set up a meeting with God, ACCUSE HIM of “cussing”,
and "correct" Him.  

If you ever get Him to change His Word, I’ll change mine. Otherwise, no dice. 

B. We DON’T FORCE ANYONE to read this website. YOU READ the BOLD WARNING UP FRONT that says we use “BLUNT language”,
YET YOU KEPT READING. So, complaining about the language MAKES YOU A HYPOCRITE.

C.  Don’t even THINK of using “soul winning” as an excuse:
That clearly demonstrates that YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT SOUL WINNING, and have never won a soul to Christ in your entire life.

The unsaved are NOT as prim and proper as you pretend to be.  One of the reasons this ministry is so effective is because they LIKE STRAIGHT, BOLD language and are tired of the “proper” B.S. the religious establishment regularly dishes out.

D. We don’t mention prophecy gurus by name, nor do we say they’re not saved. We merely expose their ungodly and unbiblical lies.

The Bible condemns speaking falsely in the name of God, and repeatedly WARNS about “adding” or “subtracting” from His Word [Ezekiel 13:6-8; Proverbs 30:6; Revelation 22:18,19].

Therefore, I HAVE EVERY RIGHT to criticize the prophecy establishment for SELLING worthless books and DVD's which contain no more Biblical Truth than Harry Potter.

You, on the other hand, just feasted at my table
FOR FREE, and after you STUFFED YOURSELF, now have the gall to criticize us and “defend” those liars.

If you can’t handle our content,
GET THE HELL OFF OUR WEBSITE, and go lick a couple of stale crumbs off theirs.             


No. I'm not joking. There actually are people who believe this. There are even books on the market about it.

This takes more than just biblical illiteracy: You gotta be either paranoid, or have the brain of an amoeba to write something like this, LET ALONE PURCHASE THE BOOK.

The theory goes like this: the nephillim [fallen ones] mentioned in Genesis chapter 6 were angels, who cohabited with women.

Angels come from outer space. These angels were punished by God and confined to the underworld. Hence, the Antichrist will be, depending on the author, some being from outer space, or the leader of the fallen angels, who came from outer space and will arise out of the pit, as per Revelation 9:11.

Right. And Santa will climb down the chimney and deliver your presents next Christmas.

are we told that the angel of the bottomless pit is the Antichrist. NOWHERE.

The nephillim were NOT angels, because before they became nephillim [fallen ones] they were called b'nei Elohim [sons of God]. NO ANGEL'S EVER been called "son of God" [Hebrews 1:5].

It's pure fantasy. While it may serve as script for a cheesy, sci fi film, there's NOT one iota of BIBLICAL evidence behind it.
     Image result for Antichrist from outer space


Again, not an ounce of biblical evidence behind this myth. [Read the last four paragraphs in Myth #11].

It's IMPOSSIBLE for Apollyon or Abaddon, or the angel of the bottomless pit, mentioned in Revelation 9:11, to be the Antichrist.  Two reasons:

1. The Antichrist is CLEARLY, and ALWAYS, identified as a man [Revelation 13:18, 17:10; 1 John 2:18].

2. The Antichrist MUST be a man, because in order to rule the earth you gotta be human. God gave man dominion over the earth [Genesis 1:26]. God NEVER GAVE such dominion to an angel.

Come on guys! You're making my job too easy.

If you want to believe Islamic eschatology, that's your business. I assume you also believe, then, that the Quran is the holy, infallible, inerrant Word of God.

If you do, then you have no business teaching Christians. You belong in that "other group".

Either ALL of Islam is true, or NONE of it. Make up your mind.

I don't care what the Codex Vaticanus looks like, John wrote the Revelation in Greek.

He didn't write in Greek, and then, all of a sudden, when he got to Revelation 13:18, switch to Arabic, and insert three Arabic symbols.
That's ridiculous, UNSUBSTANTIATED, and beneath the dignity of any serious scholar.

It may sell books, but it's not supported by the Bible, or any credible analysis of the Scriptures.

Fact is, that ALL FALSE RELIGION, including Islam, will be TOTALLY DISCREDITED. When it comes to worship, people will have only two choices: God or Satan, Christ or Antichrist [Revelation 13:4,15; 15:2; 20:4].

Fact is, the False Prophet will make worship of Antichrist's image MANDATORY, under penalty of death [Revelation 13:15]. Muslims DO NOT worship images.

Fact is, Revelation 13:6 tells us Antichrist "opened his mouth in blasphemies against God, TO BLASPHEME HIS NAME"...

If he were the Mahdi, he'd be blaspheming his own Islamic "god" Allah, wouldn't he?

Or else, he'd be ADMITTING that Allah ISN'T the REAL God of heaven.

It's gotta be one or the other. Either way, it doesn't bode well for the Mahdi.
There's a better chance that one of the seven dwarfs in Snow White will be the Antichrist.


The latest prophetic fad is Islamic world domination.

CLUELESS eschatologists who don't know their nose from their forearm with regards to BIBLICAL prophecy are fervently pushing Islamic eschatology, Islamic antichrists, and Islamic world rule.


There ISN'T a single word in the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, that says Islam will rule the world.

There isn't ONE verse in the biblical text that even supports Islamic world rule. NOT ONE!

Just goes to show that you can SELL Christians almost anything under the guise of "Bible prophecy" regardless of how BASELESS IT IS.

You mean the Antichrist won't be Muslim?
Correct. He's Greek.

You mean Islamic eschatology ISN'T true?
Right again.

Islam is a satanic religion invented by a liar named Mohammed, and the Koran is a pack of lies. Is that plain enough for you?

If you want Truth about the END TIMES, stick to BIBLICAL eschatology.

But what about the 10 nations that will rule with Antichrist, aren't they Muslim?


A. The Bible doesn't call them "nations". That was invented by the prophecy establishment. It always refers to them as either "kings" or "horns".

B. According to Daniel 7:23, 24 the 10 kings come from the territory which comprised the ancient Roman Empire.

A look at a map of the former Roman Empire will reveal that most of its territory laid in Europe, not the Middle East.

The only Middle Eastern nations that fell within its borders were Israel, Egypt, Turkey, the northern part of Lybia, and tiny parts of Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco.

During the period of greatest expansion, which took place under Trajan and lasted some 19 years (98-117 A.D.), it also included Syria, Jordan, Iran and Iraq.

Since the Scriptures are clear that these aren't present, but FUTURE monarchs, it's hard to see how you could get 10 kingdoms out of that (Revelation 17:12).  And,

C) Daniel 2:42,43 further refines it by stating 5 of the kings must come from the Eastern part of the former Roman Empire and 5 from the Western part.

Furthermore, the 10 kings CANNOT be Muslim because they, along with everyone else, will be FORCED TO worship satan and his Greek Antichrist (Revelation 13:4, 8; 14:9).

They won't be allowed to worship Allah or, for that matter, any other real or supposed deity (Daniel 11:36, 37; 2 Thessalonians 2:4).

If the Scriptures clearly indicate a European (Greek) Antichrist, plus 10 kings who'll be mostly from Europe, plus worship of Allah or any other alleged deity STRICTLY FORBIDDEN, then IT'S IMPOSSIBLE that these 10 kings be Muslim, or that Islam will be ruling the world.

While there's no question that Islam aspires to, and entertains dreams of, world domination, IT WON'T HAPPEN.

That's a fact.

Those who teach such absurd speculation are NOT teaching Bible prophecy, since there's NOTHING in the Bible to support such views.

ALL they're doing is GUESSING.

They're teaching FALSE prophecy at best, and ADDING to the Scriptures at worst.


Isaiah 14:24,25 says "The Lord of hosts has sworn, saying, Surely as I have thought, so shall it come to pass, and as I have purposed, so shall it stand:

That I WILL BREAK THE ASSYRIAN in my land, and upon my mountains tread him underfoot: then shall his yoke depart from off them, and his burden depart from off their shoulders".

This, according to many so-called "prophecy experts", "proves" the Antichrist will be Muslim.

Do you see the word "Antichrist" or any other of his titles "man of sin", "that wicked one", "seed of the serpent", "the beast", "little horn", "son of perdition" or "king of fierce countenance" mentioned or indicated ANYWHERE in those verses?

Is that stupid theory supported BY ANY OTHER VERSE IN the Scriptures?

The answer to both questions is "NO".

Assyria is NOT, repeat, NOT modern Syria. Assyria used to be the name for modern northwestern Iraq. So, if this were referring to the Antichrist he couldn't simply be Muslim, he'd have to be Iraqi.

But it gets worse. The problems with that ridiculous theory are many:

1. The verses in Isaiah call for this king to be trodden underfoot ON THE MOUNTAINS of Israel. Armageddon, where Christ and Antichrist will face off, is A VALLEY.

2. The verses in Isaiah simply call for military defeat. Antichrist will be instantly captured and THROWN ALIVE IN THE LAKE OF FIRE [Revelation 19:20].

3. The verses in Isaiah clearly state that, upon his military defeat, HIS YOKE and HIS BURDEN will depart FROM ISRAEL ONLY [Kingdom of Judah], NOT from other nations.

Antichrist will rule the entire world [Revelation 13:7], and when he's defeated, THE WHOLE WORLD will be at rest [Isaiah 2:4].

4. This false theory contradicts Daniel chapters 8 and 11, both of which clearly indicate Antichrist will come from the Greek dynasty.

5. It contradicts Daniel chapter 7 and Revelation chapter 13, both of which clearly disclose Antichrist's identity.

6. Isaiah's prophecy was ALREADY fulfilled, some 2,700 years ago, in king Sennacherib of Assyria, who failed to capture Jerusalem, and whose men, 185,000 of them to be exact, were slain ON THE MOUNTAINS around Jerusalem, by an angel of God, EXACTLY as these verses foretold [2 Kings 18:13-16; 19:37; Isaiah 7:17,18; Isaiah chapters 36 and 37].

His yoke and burden "departed from them" because they no longer paid tribute to him. Those are UNDISPUTED, HISTORIC FACTS.

7. Revelation 17:8 tells us that people will be astonished when they SEE THE BEAST who "was [already lived], is not [is not alive at the present time] and will be again". This implies RECOGNITION.

If Antichrist were one of the Assyrian kings NO ONE would recognize him. Hence, NO ONE would be ASTONISHED to see him.

Do you have ANY IDEA what Adad-nirari II and III, Tukulti Nimurtia II, Ashurmarsipal II, Shalmaneser III, Tiglath Pileser III, Sargon, Sennacherib, Esarhaddon, or Asshurbanipal looked like?

Neither do I.

Gotta hand it to those Assyrians, though. They could really come up with some "catchy" names... How'd you like to handle PR for someone named Ashurmarsipal?

Furthermore, NONE OF THE KINGS from the ancient Assyrian empire has EVER been portrayed in the Bible as "a beast".

The REAL Antichrist, the king of the former Greek empire, is described as a beast in Daniel 7:6. And, again, in Daniel 8:5-8.

No one will have any problems recognizing him, since he left us numerous busts, coins and paintings of himself.

8. Last but not least, Revelation 13:4 clearly indicates the Antichrist will be a former military genius with a reputation for INVINCIBILITY.

Does anyone ever THINK of the above named kings [don't make me go thru the names again...] when they think of the greatest military leader in history?

99% of the world's population doesn't even KNOW their names, OR THAT THEY EVEN EXISTED, let alone what they did, or failed to do, militarily.

I rest my case.


Sorry, guys. That's NOT what the Bible teaches.

Revelation 6:12 predicts that, concurrent with the Rapture, as Christians are transferred to heaven, there will be a massive earthquake. And, soon thereafter, a shifting of the earth's axis that will cause "every mountain and island" to flee.

Geography and topography will both be rearranged.

Isaiah 24:20 also describes the earth as reeling "to and fro like a drunkard".

Imagine trying to find Puerto Rico, Cuba, Jamaica, Hawaii, the Philippines or, for that matter, the United Kingdom, at their customary locations [where they normally appear in maps] and they're gone. Same goes for Japan, Hispaniola, Sicily, Sardinia, Cyprus, Madagascar, New Zealand and even Australia!

Likewise, imagine Mount Rushmore, or Mount McKinley sliding out of place. The Rockies, the Alps or the Andes suddenly turning into gigantic landslides.

That's exactly what's predicted.

This will also, inevitably, result in the blurring or redefining the borders of certain nations.

Add to all of this the overall destruction from war, water, food and medical shortages, extreme environmental contamination, daylight dramatically shortened... and you have nothing short of calamity, misery and chaos.

The culmination thereof will come towards the end of the tribulation, when Rome will be wiped off the map, and major cities like Paris, Tokyo, Beijing, Moscow, New York, L.A. and San Fran will turn to rubble [Isaiah 24:1,10-12,18-20;Revelation 16:18-20; 18:8, 19-21].

Get ready to bid farewell to this old geography, for the world won't be the same one we know.

Most prophecy teachers will tell you that the nations of the world will unite under the leadership of the Antichrist and form a "one world government".

That they will be persuaded by this magnetic leader to willingly give up their national identity and sovereignty thru some sort of Machiavellian diplomacy, or under the auspices of some "secret society" plotting to take over the world like the Illuminati, Opus Dei, Bilderbergers, or Freemasons.

What they fail to teach [don't know what Bible these guys are reading] is that, prior to the Antichrist's rule, the world will go thru a series of catastrophic events of unparalleled magnitude.

It will be a depopulated, chaotic, vastly devastated world, riddled with war, terror, confusion, disease and food and water shortages [Revelation chapters 8, 9].

Only in the aftermath of these great calamities, will Antichrist emerge and form a 10-king coalition. These ten kings will submit to his rule willingly [Revelation 13:1; 17:12,13,17].

The reason they submit to Antichrist is they will be looking for someone capable of restoring order but, most significantly, they will be clamoring for a supernatural leader, with supernatural powers, who can challenge Jesus' authority [Psalms 2:1-3,8-12].

What'll galvanize these people into supporting Antichrist is not cunning diplomacy. It will be a combination of desperation and deception.

They will be deceived into believing that this guy can actually defeat Jesus. [for the record, nobody can defeat Jesus. He is God and He is invincible] [Revelation 17:14].

The Rapture's already happened, they've seen the resurrected Jesus coming in the clouds with power and great glory, and have still rejected Him.

They KNOW that Jesus will return, in less than 4 years, to set up His Kingdom on earth. They don't want Him to be their king.

Therefore, they will be looking for someone who can challenge [and topple] Messiah's rule and kingship (Psalm 2).

So, when the Antichrist rises from the dead, AS JESUS DID, they will regard him as the only person qualified to mount such challenge [Revelation 13:3,4,8; 17:8; 19:19] .

They will consider him immortal, hence, view him as their "God", their champion, their defender: "Jesus, you've finally met your match". "We've got someone on our side who can defeat you since he, too, rose from the dead, and he, too, performs miraculous deeds".

Add to all this that the Antichrist [Alexander the Great] ALREADY HAD a reputation for invincibility in his former life, is considered the greatest military genius in history, was already declared "a god' and received worship during his life, and even after his death.

That is why they will, defiantly, say "Who is like the beast and who is able to make war with him?" [Revelation 13:4]. The clear implication is that even Jesus is no match for "their" king.

That is the reason
Jerusalem becomes a "cup of trembling" and a "burdensome stone" to unbelievers [Zechariah 12:2,3], during the  tribulation.

That is the reason
they attack Jerusalem and take it [temporarily] away from Israel, because they KNOW it's in Jerusalem where Jesus will set up his world kingdom [Revelation 11:2; Zechariah 12:3,14:2].
Since they're adamantly opposed to His rule, and will reject Him, even under the most horrific judgments, [Revelation 9:20,21; 16:9-11,21], they take preemptive action to wrest Jerusalem from the Jews, figuring that, if they occupy it, Jesus won't be able to rule and reign from there.

At that point, there won't be a single atheist, agnostic, Buddhist, Muslim or Hindu on the face of the earth. Everyone will be forced to take sides:

Either for the one true God [Jesus Christ], or for satan and his Antichrist.

People will either worship God or worship Satan.

MYTH #18: 666

The prophecy establishment would have us believe 666 is the number you get by adding the "numerical value" of the letters in Antichrist's name.

This number is mentioned only once in the Bible [Revelation 13:18] in connection to the Antichrist. Nowhere in that passage are we told to "add" anything. Nowhere are we told the letters in this man's name add up to 666.

Prophecy gurus have made a complete mockery of this portion of scripture by turning it into an immature, irresponsible guessing game.

As a result, we have hundreds of prophecy pundit wannabe's spewing all sorts of ridiculous theories as to whom the Antichrist might be, based exclusively on the "numerical value" of an individual's name.

They've erroneously and foolishly named everyone from Prince Charles (yes, THAT Prince Charles, can you believe it?) to Prince Harry, to the Pope, to Arnold Schwarzenegger, to Barack Obama.

There's a website that promises "proof" it's Obama. The "proof" consists of his zip code in Chicago containing the number 6 three times.

Now I understand why the Bible says this requires "wisdom". . .

There's even a website with over 300 famous names who's "numerical value" adds up to 666. Some people just have too much time on their hands. . .

"Here's wisdom. Let him that has understanding count the number of the beast, because it is the number of man; and his number is 666".

The word for "count" is psephizo in Greek. It means "to use pebbles for counting".

The word for "number" is arithmos. It means a number, as counted up. It's derived from the verb airo, which means "‘to lift", ‘take up" or "take away".

We're not to add anything, we're to "count up", or "lift" the number:

Six once. Six twice. Six thrice. Just like we would "count" (lift) each pebble.

Revelation 13:18 tells us, plainly, that six is "the number of man".

This is based on the fact that man was created on day 6 [Genesis 1:27,31].  And that the Antichrist contains "the name/ number of man" in his name.

Revelation 17:8 tells us the Antichrist already "Was, is not, and will ascend [come up out of] the bottomless pit [hell]".

What this scripture tells us is this individual, possessed by satan, indwelt by the spirit of Antichrist, has already appeared on earth as a man twice [66]. He will appear on earth for the third and final time [third 6] as the infamous Antichrist.

I suggest the prophecy establishment stop "adding" and start "lifting".




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Turn on your favorite prophecy guru, or read one of their books [doesn't really matter which one. . . when you've read one, you've "read" them all], and they will tell you we're headed toward a "cashless society", where all financial transactions will be done electronically.

When a leading prophecy guru coins a phrase like this one, it immediately spreads like wildfire. It's only a matter of weeks or months before all the other "gurus" start parroting the catchphrase, as if it were infallible, inspired scripture.

I can assure you, it isn't. NOWHERE in the Bible is this "cashless society" mentioned, or even implied.

The Book of Revelation does indicate that, during the 3½ year reign of Antichrist, there will be severe restrictions on buying and selling.

The tribulation will bring about the end of the financial systems of this world, as we know them [IMF, banking system, stock market, etc.].

It will also bring SEVERE shortages of food, water, and other necessities [Revelation 8:7-10].  The result will be that, whatever scarce resources are available, will be sold ONLY to those who pledge eternal allegiance to the Antichrist, by receiving his mark.

Whether the buying and selling will be done by credit card, micro-chip implant, currency, barter, or combination thereof, we are not told. It will depend, in large part, on what part of the world the transaction takes place.

In developed nations, like the United States, it may well be that people will get a micro-chip implant in their foreheads, or their right hands, that will be read by a scanner every time they do a transaction. We cannot entirely rule out that possibility.

Undeveloped nations, however, are an entirely different story. Do you think people buying groceries at an open air market in India or Bangladesh are going to have their hands read by a scanner? Get real!

If they're not doing it now, when things are relatively calm, do you think they'll be able to implement this system worldwide in the aftermath of widespread panic, destruction, confusion, shortages, and precarious conditions described in Myth #12?

If third world nations don't have this technology now, rest assured, they won't have it during the tribulation.

This just shows how scripturally-challenged and narrow-minded prophecy gurus are. They live in their own little prophetic "fantasy land" and fail to realize that many parts of the world don't have at their disposal all the state-of-the-art technology available to us in the United States.

I hate to burst their very lucrative, delusional prophetic bubble, but it ain't happening.

To install and implement such technology worldwide, into one giant, master system, would require enormous amounts of money, time, coordination, and training, none of which will be afforded during the tribulation.

All the Bible says in this regard is that "no man might buy or sell, except he that had the mark , or the name of the beast, or the number of his name" [Revelation 13:7].

Clearly, there will be three different ways to "qualify" for buying and selling. So, evidently, it won't be a unified, "universal" system at all, like the prophecy establishment would have you believe.

People will have to exhibit one of three things in order to buy or sell: 1) the mark of Antichrist 2) the name of Antichrist, or 3) the number of Antichrist's name.

The word for "mark" is charagma in Greek which usually indicates a visual mark, like a scratch or etching.

Evidently, what will be required in order to buy or sell, will be some visual indication of allegiance to the Antichrist.

The mark will be a sign of submission to, and ownership by, the Antichrist over that person's life.

Anyone who receives the mark will be eternally doomed to the lake of fire [Revelation 14:9-11].

When that happens [and it will happen] there won't be a single atheist or agnostic on the earth. Everybody will be forced to choose sides: God or satan, Christ or Antichrist.


This myth was invented by false prophet Joseph Bates, and propagated by Ellen White, whose writings Seventh Day Adventists regard as inspired, INERRANT AND INFALLIBLE, as the Word of God. For the record, they're NOT.

Ellen White suffered head trauma at the age of nine, when a fellow student threw a rock at her head.  That unfortunate incident, which left her in a coma for three weeks, may help explain her problematic and mistaken theology, at least in part.

She was a fallible, sinful mortal, with a well-documented history of making false predictions, which never came to pass.  

There's NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER that her teachings were Holy Spirit inspired. In fact, they often CONTRADICT God's Word.

Adventists wrongly teach that "the mark of the beast" mentioned in Revelation 13:17, Revelation 14:9-11, Revelation 15:2, 16:2 and 19:20 will be a government law, that'll force people to worship on Sunday, instead of Saturday.

That is pure CONJECTURE, since there isn't A SINGLE INSTANCE IN THE BIBLE, where Saturday or the Sabbath is mentioned in connection to the "mark of the beast".

The mark of the beast is repeatedly described as a LITERAL mark [charagma in Greek, which means an etching, or scratch, placed on a person's right hand or forehead].

It has NOTHING to do with Sunday worship.
In fact, the Scriptures are clear that the ONLY worship allowed during the tribulation will be that of satan, the Antichrist, or the Antichrist's image.

It DEFIES both, LOGIC, and the VERY NATURE OF GOD, WHICH IS LOVE, to even think He's going to send His children into eternal torment for worshiping Him on Sunday, when we're supposed to worship Him EVERY SINGLE DAY.

I have debated Ellen White followers on the subject, and have challenged them to produce A SINGLE VERSE OF SCRIPTURE that teaches this fallacy. Thus far, I've drawn a blank.

Matter of fact, I have a STANDING INVITATION for anyone who IDOLIZES Ellen White, to contact me and produce JUST ONE VERSE FROM THE BIBLE that teaches about this supposed "Sunday law":  

There isn't one. It's pure, man-invented, woman-disseminated FABRICATION.


            GRACE OR LAW?


Ah, the Russian invasion. If I had a buck for every time I've heard one of these phonies, who pose as "experts", teach on Ezekiel 38 and 39, I'd be rich.

Self-professed prophecy pundits place the war described in these two chapters of a Russian-led coalition against Israel, either at the start, the middle, or the end of a 7-year tribulation, depending on whom you ask.

Actually, all three positions are wrong.

This war does not take place at any time before, or during, the tribulation.

The Bible clearly teaches that it won't happen until the end of the Millennium, at which time their armies will be exterminated, and satan will be cast forever into the lake of fire [Revelation 20:7-10].

The term "Gog and Magog" appears only twice in the entire Bible, in the two aforementioned portions of scripture.

Prophecy gurus would have you believe they refer to two different battles of Gog and Magog [but never give the basis for such assumption].

In fact, they are one and the same.

The participants are the same, the location is the same, the conditions are the same, the results are the same.

Don't concern yourself with this war, cause it won't happen for at least another 1,000 years!


Armageddon is the final battle of the tribulation. The final battle of all time is the battle of Gog and Magog, which takes place after the millennium [Revelation 20: 7-10].

After Gog and Magog, there will never be another war.

MYTH #23: THE 200-MILLION MAN CHINESE ARMY                

This is a classic example of how self-appointed prophecy gurus concoct their prophetic fantasies.

China is nowhere mentioned, or even implied, in this portion of scripture [Revelation 9:13-21].

But that doesn't stop the prophecy gurus' prolific imagination from fabricating lies, based on sheer speculation, rather than on the Bible.

They know if they repeat their lies often enough, they will literally brainwash naive Christians into believing this isn't mere speculation, but accepted biblical fact.

This prophecy mentions an "army" numbering 200,000,000 [two hundred million]. And so, prophecy gurus reason, this MUST BE China because it's the only country in the world, with a population large enough to put together such an "army".

The 6th angel blows his trumpet...a voice from the altar says:

"Loose the four angels which are bound in the great river Euphrates.

And the four angels were loosed, which were prepared for an hour, and a day, and a month, and a year, to kill the third part of men.

And the number of the army of horsemen were 200,000,000"...

The word "army" is strateumaton in Greek, which literally means "weapons" (or "expeditions") . Without a doubt, this is referring, to weapons, launched to go on an "expedition", and not soldiers.

The word for "horsemen" is hippikon, meaning "cavalry". The dictionary describes "cavalry" as "those who fight on horses or armored vehicles".

The word "angels" angelos in Greek, actually means "messenger".

The word "prepared" is hetoimazo which literally means "internally adjusted" [as opposed to externally].

Anything that is internally adjusted, or "prepared" to strike at a specific hour [time] of a specific day, of a specific month, in a specific year, has been PROGRAMMED to do so.

Figuratively speaking, you could say it was "bound" until that predetermined day and hour when it will become activated.

Therefore, a more accurate translation of this passage, from the Greek, would be:

"Loose [liberate, untie ,activate] the four messengers that are bound in the great river Euphrates.

And the four messengers were loosed [activated], which were programmed [internally adjusted] for an hour, and a day, and a month, and a year, to kill the third part of men".

And the number of the weapons of armored vehicles was 200,000,000": and I heard the number of them".

John didn't see the number of weapons, he only heard it.

This "number" he heard may refer to the actual quantity of weapons, but it could also refer to their serial number. If I had to "bet" on one or the other, I'd say it's their serial number.

He is describing missiles: a large group of lethal missiles sitting on ["riding"] launching pads [messengers] which have been pre-programmed to go off at a specific time.

Keep in mind: John lived back in the 1st century A.D. In a prophetic vision he saw our time. He didn't know what computers, or missiles, or launching pads were. He did his best to describe modern weapons and technology in the language of his day.

He describes the appearance of the missiles as having "Breastplates of fire, jacinth, and brimstone", and "out of their mouths came out fire and smoke and brimstone".

Does that sound like "men" to you? Ever seen a Chinese person with brimstone coming out of his mouth?

Evidently, this isn't a 200-million man army, but an "army" or "group" of lethal, poisonous weapons [missiles] that are launched from the Euphrates area.

The fact they are MISSILES, launched from the Euphrates area, which wreak havoc and destruction on the whole earth, is also supported by Zechariah 5:1-11.

John goes on to say that it's the fire, smoke and brimstone that comes out of the "mouths" of these weapons that causes the death of 1/3 of the world's population. Whatever they contain, then, is extremely lethal.

Then he adds "for their power is in their mouth and in their tail: for their tails were like serpents" [lethal, venomous].

Again, I've never seen any human being, Chinese or otherwise, with power in their "tail". [No jokes, please...] .

All of this, of course, begs the questions:

"Were there weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, after all?

Were they hidden in or around the Euphrates?

Is that why our troops couldn't find them, despite all kinds of international intelligence which indicated they had wmd's?

Will wicked Saddam have "the last laugh"?

Were they programmed by evil Saddam Hussein and his henchmen to strike at a certain date in the future?

[whatever the exact date of their deployment, we know it will be during the first part of the tribulation, after the Church has departed].

They may no longer be in Iraq, though. It is rumored that Israeli satellites have pictures of a convoy moving stuff from Iraq into Syria, just prior to the American attack.

This is interesting. The Euphrates also goes thru Syria. And the land of Shinar also included parts of Syria. Are they hidden there?

Could this be what brings about the destruction of Damascus, prophesied in Isaiah chapter 17... When these weapons go off? Then other nations destroy Damascus in retaliation?

Is this what has emboldened Syria to threaten Israel in recent days?

We probably won't know the answer to these questions until it actually happens.

We do know these weapons will go off and kill
the third part of humanity [over a billion people].

We're talking about unprecedented carnage.

There's an interesting [and unusually lengthy] Bible Code which ends at Ezekiel 37, which reads:

"The rest of my terminal illness is spreading, Saddam, as if from a missile made for you. Where is he?  Saddam, terminal illness".

Many thought this was referring to Saddam himself, that he would die of terminal illness. We all know he died by hanging.

I don't usually rely on "Bible codes" to study prophecy, but this one code appears to confirm this portion of Revelation. It's much too close to Revelation 9, to be dismissed as mere "coincidence".

The missiles carry poisonous, lethal payload. Their power, we are told, is in their tails [rear], and they have tails like serpents [poisonous] and with their heads [warheads?] they do hurt [kill].

Apparently, this brutal bastard had a very large number of missiles prepared with either chemical or biological payload or both, the term "terminal illness" seems to indicate the latter, [bio, such as antrax or smallpox] and had them pre-programmed to strike at a certain time.

He may yet get the last laugh... This is figuratively speaking though, since there's no laughter in hell.


            "The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy"
                                 [Revelation 19:10]

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                      BONUS  SECTION


There's nothing in the Bible to support this fallacy.

The 10 kings that will support the Antichrist are partly from Europe and partly from the Middle East and Africa.

Part will be from the West and part from the East [iron mixed with clay, Daniel 2:33-35, 40-44]. That's why they won't mix, just like iron and clay don't mix.

You have two entirely different cultures, with different beliefs, mentalities, customs, and lifestyles, which will join forces, under Antichrist, for the sole purpose of opposing Jesus' rule.

To say that the 10 kings that will support Antichrist will come entirely out of the present European Union [EU] is false and unscriptural.

This false teaching has led many to "write off" Europe as "secular", "Post Christian" and hopeless in terms of evangelizing. Last time I checked, Jesus commanded us to go into ALL the world and preach his Good News.

As a result, it's the false, satanic religion of Islam that has been gaining ground in Europe, which some are already referring to as "Eurabia".


How many times have you heard some "prophecy expert" wannabe say "THE BIBLE SAYS the Antichrist will come from the REVIVED ROMAN EMPIRE"? Or, "THE BIBLE SAYS there will be a REVIVED ROMAN EMPIRE"?

Or, something along those lines.


The term "Revived Roman Empire" is NOT FOUND in the Bible.

There's NOTHING, not a word, in the entire Bible that says the Roman Empire will be "revived". Ever.

But that doesn't stop prophecy quacks from presenting this lie as BIBLICAL FACT, WHEN IT'S NOT EVEN SUPPORTED BY THE SCRIPTURES.

I recently did an internet search on the term and found 93,300 listings on something THE BIBLE DOESN'T SAY.

But where, you may wonder, did prophecy gurus come up with that term? All 93,300 of them are PLAGIARIZING C.I. Scofield, the author of Scofield's Reference Bible, PUBLISHED IN 1903.

It was Scofield who coined that term, and because his reference Bible was a best-seller, prophecy gurus have ELEVATED IT TO "INERRANT" STATUS, which is RESERVED ONLY FOR THE INERRANT WORD OF THE LIVING GOD.

This myth also spawned the "Roman Antichrist" fallacy.

How can there be a REVIVED Roman Empire during the tribulation, when the Bible, clearly and undisputedly, predicts the demise of Rome? [Revelation 17:18].

If the VERY SEAT of that Empire is eternally destroyed, how can the Empire "revive"?



I have to admit that at one point I, too, believed in the "10-nation confederacy" myth. After all, I must have heard it at least 10,000 times and it SEEMED TO BE in line with the Scriptures.

The myth goes like this: Antichrist will form a 10-nation coalition to rule the world. He will "pluck up" three nations, leaving 7.

I believed it UNTIL the Holy Spirit brought certain things to my attention:

1. In every Scripture where these 10 kings are mentioned, they are always called "horns" or "kings". NOT ONCE are they called "nations".

2. While the Scriptures do indicate Antichrist will uproot three kings, NOWHERE does it say that the kings will be reduced in number from 10 to 7. Every scripture where they are mentioned states they will always be 10.

Therefore, the kings who are uprooted are three OTHER kings. They're NOT of the 10.

3. Revelation 17:12 indicates that they are kings who have NOT YET received their kingdoms, and that they will reign "for one hour" with the Antichrist. So, clearly, these aren't present monarchs.  Or, if they are, they are mere parliamentary figureheads, with no actual power to govern or make decisions, at least for now.

4. Daniel 7:24 UNDISPUTEDLY states they must be kings over the TERRITORIES of the former Roman Empire.

5. Daniel 2:40-44, using the legs and toes of the image as illustration, gives us one further detail: 5 must be kings over the EASTERN division of the Roman Empire, and 5 over the WESTERN PART.

6. The 10 kings arise FIRST, over the former Roman Empire's territory, Antichrist rises after them (Daniel 7:24).

7. They willingly give their kingdom to Antichrist, and he allows them to remain kings over each of their realms, as long as they are subservient and blindly loyal to him (Revelation 17:13,17).

Put it all together and you have:

The Roman Empire was divided into 13 territorial dioceses [administrations]: 6 in the Western Part and 7 in the Eastern Part.

The three kings who are "uprooted" are those of: Egypt, the East [Syria, Lebanon, and Israel] and Rome [Daniel 11:41-43; Zechariah 14:1-4; Revelation 17:15-18].

That leaves 10 kings over the territories of the Roman dioceses formerly named: Spain, Britain, Gaul, Italy, Africa [Western Division], and Dacia, Thrace, Macedonia, Asia, and Pontus [Eastern Division].

The territory comprised by those 10 dioceses includes the modern countries of England*, Spain*, Portugal*, France*, Belgium*, Netherlands*, Luxembourg*, Switzerland*, Italy*, Austria*, Slovenia*, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Albania, Greece*, Bulgaria*, Yugoslavia, Turkey, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya.

These are members of the EU.

So, while there will be 10 kings over 10 territorial regions or dioceses, they will comprise, in terms of current geography, some 23 nations all surrounding the Mediterranean.

Whether they will retain their present names during the tribulation, or be called something else, we're not told, but that's clearly what Daniel 7:24 and 2:40-44 are alluding to.

The Roman Empire, as already stated, WON'T BE revived. There will be no Caesars, no Senate, no Roman legions, no Pax Romana, nor will the Antichrist government be headquartered in Rome.

The nationality of the Antichrist isn't Roman, either. He is Greek.

All Daniel tells us is that the 10 kings who form the power base of the Antichrist's world government will be kings over  territories formerly occupied by the Roman Empire.  Those are two ENTIRELY DIFFERENT THINGS.



According to prophecy gurus, there will be one "religious Babylon" and one "Commercial Babylon" in the future.

This teaching contradicts God's Word. It's false.

God predicted that Babylon would be destroyed and never again rebuilt [Isaiah 13:19-22; Jeremiah 25:12].

Alexander the Great made plans to rebuild it to its former splendor, but he died before his plans could be carried out.

In modern times, Saddam Hussein tried to rebuild it, and we all know how he ended up.

There's ancient Babylon, which was conquered in 539 B.C. And destroyed [as predicted in the Bible] by the first century B.C., and there's "mystery"[symbolic] Babylon, described in the 17th and 18th chapters of Revelation, which is Rome.

Ancient Babylon is still in ruins and will remain so. It will never be rebuilt, as God's Word states.

There's nothing in the Bible about a "Commercial Babylon". Therefore, there won't be one.

Mystery Babylon [Rome] is both religious and commercial and that's what Revelation chapters 17, 18 and 19 are talking about.

The reason the Book of Revelation refers to Rome as "Mystery" [symbolic] Babylon is because there are striking similarities between the two cities.

Ancient Babylon is where pagan worship originated. Likewise, Rome spread pagan culture throughout the territories of its empire.

Both, Babylon, in 596 B.C., and later Rome, in 70 A.D., destroyed Jerusalem and its temple, carried away temple treasure, and took Jews into captivity.
That's the reason the real Babylon was destroyed, never to be rebuilt [1st Corinthians 3:17].

That's the reason Rome will be destroyed during the tribulation, never, ever to be rebuilt [Revelation 17:16-18; 18:8,16-24; 19:1-3].

The "Commercial Babylon" myth is a gross distortion of Zechariah 5:5-11 where it speaks of an ephah [container for various grains, used in biblical times].

Prophecy gurus say the ephah represents commerce. No, the ephah was a container and that's exactly what it represents.

There's a woman sitting inside the ephah who symbolizes wickedness. Evil is being contained or restrained by two women [Israel and the Church, 2nd Thessalonians 2:3-7] who suspend it in mid-air between heaven and earth [a reference to the tower of Babel, where the first insurrection against God took place, [Genesis 11:1,4].

Eventually, they take the ephah [container of evil, wickedness] to the land of Shinar [ancient Babylon, which lies in ruins] and set it there upon its base.

Evil originated in this area of the world. And it is brought back to its place of origin, set there upon its base, and "contained" there.

In amazing fulfillment of Bible prophecy, that's exactly where the focus of evil [wickedness] is today, and where it is being contained.

Al Qaeda [which, in arabic, literally means "the base"] and other terrorist groups are instigating insurgencies in that area of the world.

Our troops are deployed there containing their wickedness, and we hear about their evil acts of terror daily in the news.

Terror [which is extreme wickedness] is one of the signs given in Luke 21 which must precede the Rapture of the Church.

Once the Church is raptured, wickedness will no longer be contained, and will run rampant and wreak havoc on this planet, as already explained under myth #8.


Prophecy gurus say this portrayal of the EU is the same as that given in Revelation 17:3 about the woman riding the beast, thus "proving" that prophecy is being fulfilled, and that the 10 kings who will support the Antichrist are from the European Union.

Ha! Don't make me laugh.

This woman is riding a black bull, not a scarlet colored beast. The beast in Revelation 17:3, has 7 heads and 10 horns. The bull has one head and two horns. The woman riding the bull is not decked in gold, precious stones and pearls, nor is she holding a golden cup in her hand.

What a disingenuous piece of prophetic nonsense!

Anyone who knows anything about Greek mythology knows that this woman is Europa, FROM WHICH THE CONTINENT OF EUROPE got its name.
According to The Iliad,  Europa was abducted by an amorous Zeus, who disguised himself as a bull, and took her from her hometown in Phoenicia to the island of Crete.


All you who BOUGHT books and DVD's with this kind of SPECULATIVE, UNSUBSTANTIATED, MENDACIOUS garbage, should DEMAND refunds.


The myth goes like this: The false prophet will unite all false religions into one, represented by the woman in Revelation 17.

Although prophecy pundits teach this as FACT, there's NOTHING, repeat, NOTHING in the Bible that links the False Prophet to the woman in Revelation 17 and 18.

There will be a single religion throughout the world, alright. That religion will consist of obligatory satan and Antichrist worship.

No other deity, real or imagined, will be allowed.

This notion that all false religions will mesh into one, voluntarily, is false. THEY WILL BE COERCED. They will have to abandon their religion, WHATEVER IT MAY BE, in favor of satan and Antichrist worship.

In any case, the woman depicted in the 17th and 18th chapters of Revelation isn't a "new world religion", it's the city of Rome. It's clearly identified as Rome [Revelation 17:18].

The Bible clearly teaches that Rome will be destroyed by fire in the latter part of the tribulation, never to rise again.

Does this mean the Vatican and its priceless treasures will be destroyed? Yes. I'm sorry, Catholic brothers and sisters, but that's what Scripture teaches. I didn't put it there, God did.


Israel's 10 northern tribes may be lost to the world , but they're not lost to God.

In 722 B.C., during Israel's divided kingdom era, the Assyrians invaded the Northern Kingdom and took captive the 10 northern tribes.

Christians, and even some rabbis, have referred to them thru the years as "the ten lost tribes".

The fact we haven't been able to keep track of them, doesn't mean they're lost.

In Revelation chapter 7:1-8 we read that, concurrent with the Rapture, 12,000 men of each of the 12 tribes of Israel, numbering 144,000 in total, are "sealed" in their foreheads with the seal of God.

Lest anyone misunderstand where these "144,000" come from, it even mentions the name of the tribes, one by one.

So, evidently, God knows exactly who they are and where they are.

There are a number of denominations [most of them heretical] who claim that they will be the 144,000 who are sealed just prior to the tribulation, and that only their "little group" will be saved. Wrong!

Even a master contortionist can't make it say that.

These 144,000 Israelites will be supernaturally protected during the first part of the 3½-year tribulation. They will emerge unscathed from all the turmoil and chaos.

They are very special to God, and the description given of them in Revelation chapter 14, sets the bar very high for the rest of us, in terms of being pure, obedient, and totally sold-out to their Yeshua.

There's even a "special rapture", just for them, from Mount Zion [Jerusalem],  prior to the Second Coming, and even a new song, which no one besides them is allowed to sing.

We also find several prophecies in the Bible which assure us that all Israel shall be saved [all Israel has to be all 12 tribes], and that they will return to their land, after a nearly 3,000-year diaspora [Romans 11:26; Isaiah 11:11,12, Jeremiah 12:14,15; 30:3, 10,11; 33:7; Ezekiel 36:10,11; 37:19-25; 47:13].

Ezekiel chapter 48 tells us that, not only will the 10 northern tribes return, all 12 tribes will be settled in their former territories assigned to them by God, only this time those territories will be larger.

This chapter even gives the geographical boundaries for each tribe. Is our Lord wonderful, or what?

Just because human records can't keep track of them, just because we can't say today "Oh, there's the tribe of Ruben", doesn't mean they don't exist.

If God's Word says they will return, you can stake your life on it. They will return... All in God's good time.



Jews have been "wailing" at the wrong wall.

What is usually referred to as "the Western Wall" or "Wailing Wall" was not part of the Second Temple at all.

The wall was part of the Antonia fortress, which housed the Roman 10th legion, and was the only thing that remained after the Romans totally destroyed the city in 70 A.D.

This makes perfect sense from a military point of view, since Jerusalem was most vulnerable to attacks from the north.

We know the former temples were located on Mount Moriah.

The question that has challenged historians, archeologists, scholars, even politicians, is where on Mount Moriah?.

There's both, biblical and historical evidence, that proves the ancient temples, were built south of the so-called "Temple mount".

The temples were located on top of a natural spring.

It was necessary to have living water [mayyim hayyim] available for the priests' ritual washings [mikveh], as prescribed by the law [Leviticus 16:23-28; Talmud, Yoma 3:3].

Living [running] water was also necessary to rinse the blood of the numerous sacrifices offered inside the temple, and to cleanse the utensils [Leviticus 14:5,6,50; Numbers 19:17] .

There are no springs anywhere at the Haram el Shariff  ["Temple Mount"], only cisterns [standing water].

Therefore, this couldn't possibly be the correct location of the temples.

The only part of Mount Moriah, indeed, the only part in Jerusalem, that has a natural spring is the southern part.

The temples, then, had to be located on top of the Gihon Spring in the southern portion of Mount Moriah.

This would place the ancient temples [Solomon's and Zerubabbel's] south of the Dome, at Ophel, with the Gihon spring running inside them.

There are several scriptures that mention this living water [mayyim hayyim] gushing from within the temple.

2nd Chronicles 33:13-16; Psalms 46:4; Jeremiah 2:13; Ezekiel 47:1; Joel 3:18; John 4:10,11; 7:14,38; Revelation 21:2-6; 22:1,17.

The temple was supposed to be a reproduction of the Garden of Eden. Gihon was one of the rivers that ran thru Eden. The spring that ran within the temple was, evidently, named after that river.

There's also historical evidence to substantiate this.

Both Aristeas [an eyewitness], and Tacitus, mention there was a spring of water than ran within the temple.

Josephus tells us you could see the sacrifices and offerings going on in the temple from Herod's palace, in western [lower] Jerusalem.

This would be impossible if the temple had been on or near the Dome's location, which is much higher.

Why is this important to us? Because the Bible indicates [Joel 1:13; 2:17; Revelation 11:1,2] that there will be a third temple in Israel. People will be worshiping there. Jewish priests will be ministering in it.

Right around 3½ years prior to the Second Coming, the Antichrist will sit in that temple and pass himself off as God [2nd Thessalonians 2:4].

This means there are no obstacles to a third temple being built, since the temples never stood at that location.

Jews don't have to wait for some earthquake or other disaster to topple the Dome in order to rebuild their temple. They can build it anytime they want!

They just need to discover in their own scriptures what the true location of the temple is.

The Bible is the ultimate authority. It clearly tells us there was a spring of living water that gushed inside the temple.

Jesus alluded to this in John 7:38,39. "He that believes in me.... out of his innermost being shall flow rivers of living water. . . This he spoke of the Spirit... For the Holy Spirit was not yet given"...

Jesus was teaching in the temple when He said that [John 7:14].

He clearly used the Gihon spring, which flowed inside the temple, as illustration.

He's saying that, when we receive Him, and his Holy Spirit comes to live in us, we will be His temple [1st Corinthians 3:16].

His Spirit will then flow in and out of us, just like that spring flowed in and out of the actual temple in Jerusalem

The object lesson is inescapable.

Why has the actual temple site been so hard to locate?

Jesus predicted the temple would be totally destroyed. It was. [Luke 19:44; 21:5]

He said there would not be "one stone left upon another". That Jerusalem and the temple would be "leveled to the ground". It happened exactly as He predicted [Matthew 24:2; Luke 19:41-44].

Josephus, an eyewitness, says the destruction was so great and so complete that, if he hadn't seen with his own eyes that a temple once stood there, you wouldn't believe it from the aftermath:

"It [Jerusalem] was so thoroughly laid even with the ground  by those that dug it up to the foundation, that there was nothing left to make those that came thither believe it had ever been inhabited."

Daniel 9:26-28 predicted that the 2nd temple would be destroyed and made desolate. He says it will remain desolate "until the end" when that which is determined shall be poured on the desolate".

We are very near "the end". The temple site has remained, and will continue to remain desolate, until a predetermined time, when a new temple "foundation" will be poured on its true and proper location.

How, exactly, will the Jews rediscover that location? I don't know.

It may be from the Scriptures. Maybe God did leave some sort of tangible "evidence" of its true location.

Jewish archeologists recently discovering an underground tunnel, which ran beneath the ancient temple and which, according to Josephus [The Jewish War], was used to escape the Roman attack in 70 A.D.

It proves just how familiar he was with these events, and just how accurate and reliable his account of the war is.

It was found in southern Jerusalem.

As they follow it northward, it may lead to the exact location of the first and second temples.

Revelation chapter 11:3-6 gives a not-so-subtle hint that the two witnesses, who appear near or at the start of the tribulation, may be instrumental in pinpointing the location, and even guiding its construction.  They were also tied to the construction of the Second Temple in Zechariah 4:1-14.

In all probability, they will also protect the builders and building, with their supernatural powers, from hate-filled opposition (Revelation 11:1-6).

However it happens, there will be a third temple built on Mount Moriah. It must happen very, very soon.



Entire movies, books, DVD's and websites have been devoted to SPECULATING about the location of the "lost ark" of the covenant.

Indiana Jones not withstanding, the ark may be "lost" to mankind, but it's NOT lost to God. He knows EXACTLY where it is, since it was placed there at His behest.

Possible locations of the Ark, according to prophetic fiction specialists, include Jordan, Ethiopia, Babylon, Egypt, and - this just in - Yemen.

The usual reason offered for dedicating inordinate amounts of time and resources to "finding the lost ark" is that Jews cannot build the third temple without it.

That, to put it bluntly, is a load of kaka.

The second temple was built, and IT HAD NO ARK. It NEVER did.

That's the same temple Jesus entered, referred to as "my house", preached in, and threw the moneychangers out of.

So, to say Jews can't rebuild their temple without the ark, is not only supremely ignorant, it's a load of crap.

Jews know it's hidden somewhere below the Temple Mount.
Ever since David brought the Ark to Jerusalem, Mount Moriah has been its designated dwelling place, and still is today.

2 Maccabees chapter 2 tells us it was hidden by God's prophet Jeremiah, foreseeing that the Babylonians would destroy the first temple and carry away whatever treasure they could lay their hands on.

The Book of Daniel tells us they carried away vessels of gold and silver, which were later returned by King Darius of Persia, but NO ARK.

2 Maccabees 2:4-7 also tells us Jeremiah said the ark's location would be unknown for many years and won't be found until God regathers His people, i.e., all Israelites.

As for those who want to argue that Maccabees is apocryphal, that simply means it's not inspired, infallible Scripture. However, it's extremely reliable, and has been proven, time and again, to be historically accurate.

Josephus isn't Scripture either, but his historical accounts have always been verifiably true.


This woman is not just national Israel.  And she's DEFINITELY NOT the zodiac sign of Virgo. She represents both spiritual and ethnic Israel, which includes heavenly Jerusalem, the physical descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob [all 12 tribes], and the Church, which has been grafted into the olive tree [Romans 11: 16, 17, 24; Ephesians 2:12].

Verse 1 calls it "a great wonder" that this woman appears [suddenly] in heaven, "clothed with the sun" [she's glorified and glorious].

The moon "under her feet" represents physical Israel [Revelation 3:9]. The crown of 12 stars represents both the 12 tribes and the 12 apostles of the Lamb [Revelation 21:10-14].

The woman in heaven, shining bright as the sun, is the raptured Church [Song of Solomon 6:10].

She also represents new [heavenly] Jerusalem, which all true believers in Jesus Christ are already citizens of [Hebrews 12:22,23; 11:10; Philippians 3:20] and who, according to Galatians 4:26, is "the mother of us all".

The "Man child" the woman gives birth to is the Body of Christ, HIS GLORIOUS CHURCH, who is caught up to God and His Throne [Revelation 12:5]. This is a clear picture of the Rapture, which takes place just prior to the tribulation.

How did the brethren make it to heaven "they overcame him [satan] by the Blood of the Lamb" (Revelation 12:11, the same thing that Revelation 7:14 states). It's only thru Jesus's holy, priceless, marvelous Blood that any of us can get there.

The very next verse [6] says "And the woman fled into the wilderness" ... wait a minute... What wilderness? Wasn't she in heaven? There's no "wilderness" in heaven.

Clearly, this portion is referring to the nation of Israel itself.

We have, then, a clear picture of spiritual Israel [all who have received Israel's Messiah, Jesus Christ, as Lord and Savior] being perfect, glorious and taken up to heaven, while physical Israel is still on earth and fleeing satan's wrath.

This woman being both in heaven and on earth draws a sharp contrast between SPIRITUAL Israel (The Church) and NATURAL Israel, between Hagar and Sarah, between Mount Sinai and New Jerusalem, between the covenant based on law and the covenant based on Grace.

The children of the bondwoman, who still live under the law, DO NOT INHERIT the promise of being delivered from wrath, as the children of the free woman (Galatians 4:21-31).

There's war in heaven and Satan and his angels ["stars"] are cast down to the earth [Revelation 12:9].

They're evicted from heaven, never to be allowed back [Revelation 12:10]

Satan can no longer "accuse the brethren" because they are now in heaven.

Since he's now confined to the earth, and can no longer persecute the Church, the only options he has left is to persecute natural Israel, and to rule, briefly, over those who have consistently, and adamantly, rejected Jesus Christ.

Which is why he resurrects his evil seed, the Antichrist , everyone flips over this guy when they see him risen from the dead [just like Jesus], and pledge their support.

He becomes the leader of the 10-king coalition, surrounds Jerusalem and takes it about 3½ years prior to the Second Coming, goes to the temple, sits there and proclaims himself god.

Unlike in 70 A.D., this time the woman [Israel], in large part, heeds her Messiah's warnings, and when they see this abomination, they flee into the desert [Mark 13:14].

They are airlifted to Petra, where God has already arranged to sustain them for 42 months [3½ years], during the reign of Antichrist [Revelation 12:14; Isaiah 16:1-4].

Those who ignore Messiah's warning, and stay in Jerusalem, pay a heavy price, according to Zechariah 14:1-2.

Satan then tries to drown the Israelites who fled into the desert, by sending a large tsunami, or overflowing the banks of the Euphrates [Isaiah 8:6-8]. God supernaturally protects his people by opening up the earth and swallowing the flood [Revelation 12:15,16].

Finally, in sheer anger and frustration, satan persecutes "The rest of her seed", namely those Israelites who live outside the Holy Land and remain on earth because they didn't receive Jesus as Messiah prior to the Rapture [Revelation 12:17].

The traditional teaching is that the circumstances described in these verses will happen in the future. Actually, they've already been fulfilled.

The four horses of Revelation refer to four different periods in Church history of approximately 400 years [4 centuries] each.

The rider on the white horse is not the Antichrist, as popularly taught, but the Christ who goes forth conquering and to conquer," without conventional weapons.

The Antichrist DOES NOT go forth "conquering and TO CONQUER".  Rather, he goes forth "conquering a decimated world, TO BE CONQUERED himself and INSTANTLY DEFEATED at Armageddon" 3½ years later.   NO WAY IN HELL this could be the Antichrist.

This isn't the Antichrist and there isn't a period of "false peace" or "pseudo peace" as some call it. [what the heck is a "false peace"? You either have peace or you don't]. There won't be any peace during the tribulation.

This can't be the Antichrist because "conquering and to conquer" implies no defeat. We know the Antichrist will be soundly defeated at Armageddon [Revelation 19:20,21]. That fact, alone, should convince anyone that this isn't the Antichrist.

The Antichrist doesn't come forth TO CONQUER, but TO BE DEFEATED and thrown alive into the lake of fire forever! [Revelation 19:20].

The rider is King Jesus and the white horse [signifying His kingship, purity, and peace. He is the Prince of peace] is the first 400 years of Church history during which, His Church, peacefully, by the sheer power of the Spirit of God and the Word of God swallowed up the mightiest empire known to man, namely the Roman Empire.

Despite ruthless and relentless persecution, the Christian Church grew and grew, spread from one end of the Roman Empire to the other, till finally the Roman emperor himself converted to Christianity and made it the official religion of the Empire.

The rider has no weapons [a bow with no arrows] [see Psalm 45:3-6]. The message of the Gospel prevailed over Rome's military might in 300 years, without swords or spears. They used SPIRITUAL weapons.

It's Jesus who's invincible, not the Antichrist. It's Jesus who goes forth [His message, His Gospel] "conquering and TO CONQUER" until "the kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms OF our Lord and of His Christ" (Revelation 11:15).

The main theme in the Book of Revelation is how the Lord will set up His ETERNAL KINGDOM ON EARTH. It is, after all, the "Revelation of Jesus Christ"NOT the "Revelation of Antichrist".

To say this is the Antichrist is not only absurd, but almost profane.

That same Jesus, returns some time later, on that same white horse, to defeat the Antichrist and establish His everlasting Kingdom on earth [Revelation 19:11-21].

In Revelation 6, He only wears one crown [King of the Jews], when He returns to earth in Revelation 19 [His Second Coming] He wears many crowns. For He will be King over all the earth, over every kindred, tongue and nation [Zechariah 14:9]. Amen.

Bottom line is:  Since this Book is THE REVELATION OF Jesus Christ, the 7 seals BEGIN with Him, and they END with Him returning TRIUMPHANTLY to rule and reign FOREVER.

At some point in our future "The kingdoms of this world will become the kingdoms of our Lord and of his Christ, and He shall reign forever and ever"  [Revelation 11:15, 17, 18; 20:4, 11-15]. Amen.

That, my friend, is what going forth "conquering and to conquer" really means.

The red horse represents the next 400 years, from roughly 400-800 A.D. a turbulent period marked by continuous wars with inherent casualties.

During this period the Western portion of the Roman Empire collapsed, due to numerous wars particularly with the Huns.

Revelation 6:4 says PRECISELY THAT: "power was given to him... to TAKE PEACE FROM the earth, and that they should kill one another: and there was given unto him a great sword".

The black horse covers the period from 800-1200 A.D. [from the 9th to the 13th century], known in history as "the Middle Ages" or "Dark Ages" [hence the black horse], which was characterized by spiritual darkness, restricted access to the Bible, the feudal system, complete with grain embargos and inflated prices, exactly as described.

The pale horse is from, approximately, 1200 to 1600 A.D., during which "The Plague" or "Black Death" killed the fourth part of Europe's population, exactly as predicted in this verse, and also affected most countries in the Middle East.

That is exactly what the verse describes as it tells us people are killed by the sword, famine and "the beasts of the earth". The word for " beast" is therion in Greek which means "A small, wild animal", like a rodent. The Black Death, as it turned out, was caused by rat's fleas: a perfect description.

We're living between the 5th and 6th seals [roughly from 1600 to 2000 A.D.].

The Rapture takes place under the 6th seal.


Does God have the power to do whatever He wants, whenever He wants? Sure. However, God will never contradict His Word.

Therefore, the Rapture isn't imminent.

The prophets Joel [Old Testament, 2:28-32] and John [New Testament, Revelation 6:12] gave us certain signs that must precede the Rapture.

Jesus Himself gave a number of signs in the gospels, including a sequence of events in Luke 21:24-32.

I realize most self-proclaimed "prophecy experts" attribute these signs to Christ's Second Coming. They are wrong.

The major sign of the Second Coming will be the 42-month reign of Antichrist over the entire world, during which the system of the "mark of the beast", in order to buy or sell, will be established.  When that happens, it will be painfully obvious to EVERYONE.

Matter of fact, you can count 42 Hebrew months from the day Antichrist begins to rule, and PINPOINT the EXACT day of Jesus' Second Coming (Revelation 13:5), so why would anyone need more "signs" than that?   

The Bible clearly teaches that, prior to catching away His Church, several things must take place, among them:

- there must be unity of faith and of spirit among Christian believers [Ephesians 4:13].

- the Gospel of the Kingdom must be preached in all the world [Matthew 24:14].

- Jerusalem must no longer be trampled by gentiles [Luke 21:24].

- distress  [anxiety] of nations with perplexity [no solution to world's problems] [Luke 21:25].

- the sea and waves reverberating, producing tidal waves [tsunamis] [Luke 21:25]. [the word for "roaring" in Greek is echo, which literally means to reverberate].

- men dying because of terror [21:26].

- men expecting terrible things to happen on earth ["not  IF, but WHEN"] [21:26].

- just prior to Jesus appearing in the clouds [probably just seconds before], the sun must turn black [if it's daytime in that part of the earth], the moon will turn red as blood, and the earth and its atmosphere will tremble, shaken by a great earthquake, there will be a huge meteor shower and the sky will split in the middle and roll up on each side like a scroll [Isaiah 13:10-13 , Joel 2:31, Matthew 24:29, Mark 13:24,25; Luke 21:25, Revelation 6:12-14].

This will be THE SIGNAL, the "last call" for people on earth to "get on board", repent and receive Jesus as Lord and Savior, BEFORE He appears in the clouds, removes believers from the earth, and starts pouring out his judgments on sinful, rebellious, unrepentant mankind.

Hence, Joel's admonition that, at that critical moment, "Whosoever shall call on the Name of the Lord shall be saved" [Joel 2:31,32].

This will be their "last chance" to go with our Lord and exit planet earth before God's wrath is poured out.

Against this backdrop of total darkness [no sun or moon shining] everyone [believers and unbelievers alike] will see the triumphant, resurrected Jesus coming in the clouds with power and great glory. Come, Lord Jesus!

If you're not a Christian... if you're atheist, agnostic, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, New Age, or anything else... I strongly recommend you give your heart to Jesus right now.

However, if you don't, assuming you're still alive when it happens... When you see these signs in the sun or the moon [depending what area of the world you live in], don't wait another second! Receive Jesus right then and there... or you'll be left on earth, and what will follow won't be pleasant.

Are you ready for that moment? When the risen Jesus appears suddenly in the sky, and removes all believers from the earth? I hope you are. If I were you, I wouldn't postpone receiving Him as Lord FOR ANOTHER SECOND.



We are clearly told that not only Christians, but Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus and everyone on earth, will see Jesus coming in the clouds [Luke 21:27, Revelation 1:7, 6:15, 16].

Christians have been duped into thinking that when the Rapture takes place, the rest of the world will have no clue as to what happened.

Some are teaching that unbelievers will think the disappearance of Christians is due to alien abduction, or to some sort of New Age teaching where humanity evolves into a new dimension of spirituality and those who won't evolve [in this case, Christians] will no longer exist.

There is nothing in the entire Bible to even suggest this.

Those who remain behind [unbelievers] will KNOW EXACTLY what is happening, and that severe judgments against them will follow.

They, in fact, will see the resurrected Jesus coming in the clouds, and run for cover. They will hide in the rocks and caves to shelter themselves from the coming wrath [tribulation] [Revelation 6:15, 16].


There is this false assumption among Christians that, if you miss the Rapture, you can get saved during the subsequent Tribulation.

There are even booklets, tapes, and cd's entitled "What to do if you miss the Rapture".

They contain no more truth than MSNBC.

The only reason why you'd "miss it", would be because you weren't a real Christian.

A real Christian is someone in whose heart Jesus Christ lives, thru His Holy Spirit (Romans 8:9).

The Rapture, in Christian theology, is defined as the instant transfer of believers from the natural, earth realm, to the supernatural, spirit realm.

The Bible talks about 7 Raptures.

Three of them have already happened [Enoch's, Elijah's, Jesus'].

The remaining four are:

1. The collective (GENERAL) Rapture of believers [Revelation 7:9].

2. The special Rapture of the 144,000 sometime after Antichrist seizes world power [Revelation 14:1-5].
3. The Rapture of the Two Witnesses, near the end of Antichrist's 42-month reign [Revelation 11:11-12].
4. The Final Rapture [Harvest of the Earth] primarily for those people who get saved during the 3½-year tribulation and reign of Antichrist [Revelation 14:15; 15:1-4].

They are taken up to heaven PRIOR to the FINAL SEVEN [MOST SEVERE] JUDGMENTS.

Those who get saved during the tribulation aren't PRIMARILY the "Christians" who missed the Rapture. They are people who have never heard the Gospel.

They are people from Muslim countries, from places like China and India, with huge populations where the Gospel is forbidden, or highly restricted.

According to Revelation 14:6 God, in His infinite mercy, sends a special angel [messenger] thru heaven proclaiming the everlasting Good News, so they get to hear it.

Then the harvest of earth is reaped [raptured], before God sends the final seven [vial] judgments.

IN THE EARLY PART OF THE TRIBULATION, the only ones who get saved, for sure, are the 144,000 and the Jews who weep and lament when they see their Messiah, whom they rejected, in the clouds and realize it was Him all along.

Therefore, those so-called Christians who miss the Rapture, because they aren't saved, while they may potentially receive Jesus into their hearts after the Rapture, the likelihood of that is remote. Technically, they can still be saved, but the odds are against them.

The unsaved dead will go to hell.

Hell [Hades] is a temporary place, where the unsaved are kept until the end of the Millennium.

When the Millennium [the 1,000 reign of Christ on earth] expires, hell and its contents will be dumped into the Lake of Fire [Gehenna].

If you're reading this today, God is speaking directly to your heart. He wants to save you.

You can give Him your heart now
, or TAKE YOUR CHANCES  in the tribulation.

If you give Him your heart right now, He guarantees your Salvation.

In the tribulation, there are no guarantees.


Wrong. According to Romans 8:18-23, when the sons of God are manifested [transformed into immortal beings at the Rapture] "the creature itself shall be delivered from the bondage of corruption, to the glorious liberty of the children [sons] of God".

According to this passage, this is what all creation, including the animal kingdom, has been groaning and travailing for. This is what they've been eagerly expecting. See also Zephaniah 1:3.

It's also significant that the Book of Revelation bothers to mention trees and grass repeatedly, but does NOT mention animals, except symbolically.  

There are no literal animals until Armageddon in Revelation 19, at the VERY END OF the tribulation where ONLY horses are mentioned.  Since animals are GONE, the horses mentioned in that chapter, that will be used by Antichrist and his armies, in all likelihood are cloned (Isaiah 31:3).

So, if you have a beloved pet, he or she will also be raptured. You need not fret that they'll stay behind during the tribulation. Amen. Praise God!
For further details, write and request "Rapture of Animals":




"But of THAT DAY and that hour KNOWS NO MAN, no, not the angels who are in heaven, neither the Son, but the Father" (Mark 13:32).

This verse is regularly presented among evangelicals, and by the prophecy establishment, as meaning that "no man knew in the first century A.D. (when Jesus uttered those words), and NO ONE WILL EVER KNOW". 


Did Jesus say “NO ONE WILL EVER KNOW?  NO.


EVERYONE WILL KNOW the EXACT DAY and hour of the Rapture when it finally happens, won’t they?


NO ONE KNEW in the first century, not the angels, and not even Jesus Himself AS A HUMAN because He Himself had sealed such knowledge (Daniel 12:4,9).


However, He pointedly told Daniel that knowledge about eschatology would increase and that such things would remain “sealed” (HIDDEN) ONLY UNTIL “the time of the end” (Daniel 9:4,9).


At the time of the end, these things would be UNSEALED (Revelation 6:1-12; 8:1-2) by Jesus Himself, and WOULD BE KNOWN.


I used to believe the “no one will EVER know” myth until recently.  After all, I’ve been subjected to the same religious brainwashing as everyone else.


I am now free from that religious taboo, praise Jesus.  I suggest you do the same.


This one WEIGHS HEAVILY in my spirit because the prophecy establishment, the self-proclaimed “experts”, HAVE NOT PREPARED THE SHEEP for what’s about to happen.


For over a century they’ve SOLD US the UNBIBLICAL THEORY that “one of these days”, when God has nothing better to do, He’ll JUST ZAP US OUT OF HERE before we can even blink, and then tribulation starts.


That is NOT what God’s Word teaches.


The tribulation STARTS, AND SOON AFTER the dead in Christ  rise and we’re ZAPPED --transformed (1 Thessalonians 4:15-17; Revelation 7:9-14). 

Our transformation from mortal to immortal does take place in an instant (1 Corinthians 15:50-55), but the entire Rapture PROCESS takes 10 days.

 We won’t see MUCH tribulation, and NONE OF the judgments (praise Jesus eternally), but WE WILL BE ON EARTH FOR THE FIRST 10 DAYS THEREOF (Revelation 2:10). 

For further details and HOW TO PREPARE go here and click on "Prophecy Update", right below "Word 4 Today".





No way, Jose! They are entirely different. They take place at different times.

The "trumpets" happen at the beginning of the tribulation, the "bowls" happen at the end.

Are there similarities? Sure: they are both 7 in number. They both happen during the tribulation. They're both judgments from God.

The third trumpet poisons the third part of the sea, rivers and water [Revelation 8:10,11]. The second bowl turns the entire sea into blood, while the third bowl turns all the waters into blood. There is no water to drink. The only way to quench one's thirst during that time is to drink blood [Revelation 16:3-7].

The fourth trumpet darkens the third part of the sun, moon, stars and, consequently, daylight [Revelation 8:12]. The fourth bowl causes the sun to become much hotter and to scorch men with heat, while the fifth bowl engulfs the kingdom of Antichrist in total darkness [Revelation 16:8-11].

The 6th trumpet activates 4 "messengers" in the Euphrates, which destroy the third part of the world's population, as already discussed in myth #10.

The 6th bowl causes the Euphrates to dry up so that "the way of the kings of the east" may be prepared". It also gathers the kings and armies of the entire world at Armageddon for the final battle of the tribulation, to oppose the return [second coming] of Jesus Christ, and to try to prevent the establishment of His Kingdom on earth [Revelation 16:12-16].

The similarities end there.

They are completely different in time and magnitude:

The first trumpet causes "hail and fire mingled with blood" to be cast upon the earth and burns up ONE THIRD OF THE EARTH ITSELF, plus the third part of trees and grass [Revelation 8:7].

The second trumpet, besides causing the third part of the sea to become blood, destroys the third part of marine life and the third part of ships [Revelation 8:9].

The fifth trumpet opens up the bottomless pit [hell] and causes demonic creatures to emerge that will sting and torment unsaved mankind for 5 months, to the point that men will attempt suicide, for they will prefer to be dead than to be alive [Revelation 9:1-6].

The 6th trumpet, besides causing the launch of preprogrammed missiles from the Euphrates that
Destroy 1/3 of humanity [Myth #10] also brings:

The death and resurrection of the two witnesses
[Revelation 11:3-11].

Satan and his angels being cast out of heaven and unto the earth [Revelation 12:7-12].

The persecution of Israel, and their flight into the desert [Revelation 12:1-17].

The rise of Antichrist [Revelation 13:1,2,5].

The rise of the false prophet [Revelation 13:11-17].

The "abomination of desolation" [Daniel 11:31; Matthew 24:15.

The mark of the beast [Revelation 13:16].

Death to all those who refuse to worship Antichrist and his image, or to take the mark [Revelation 13:15, 20:4].

Restricted commerce. Only those who bear the beast's mark are able to buy or sell [Revelation 13:17].

The 7th bowl causes 50-pound chunks of hail to rain down on humans, the greatest earthquake in history which turns cities into rubble, divides Jerusalem in three parts, rearranges geography and topography, yet again, and brings about the destruction of Rome [Revelation 16:17-21].

The 7th trumpet ends the tribulation and ushers in the millennial reign of Christ [Revelation 10:7; 11:15].



This false theory is based solely on the fact that the Two Witnesses' testimony, and the reign of Antichrist, are BOTH 3½ years in duration [Revelation 11:3; 13:5].

Can the tribulation last ONLY 1,260 days?

NO.  It must last a bit longer although, generally speaking, it will still be over in APPROXIMATELY 3½ years.

The Two Witnesses are killed AFTER their 1,260-day ministry ENDS.  And they RISE from the dead 3½ days AFTER they're killed.

And these events take place PRIOR TO the Second Coming of Christ, which ENDS the tribulation.

These facts alone would necessitate that the tribulation last AT LEAST 1,270 days, probably a bit longer.

The Book of Revelation is a VERY ORDERLY account of what will take place during the tribulation.

That's why God ASSIGNED NUMBERS to the churches, seals, trumpets, woes and vials.

If the NUMBERS don't mean anything, then of course you can make Revelation say practically anything you want.

Whenever you take something OUT OF ORDER, it's JUST THAT.

This is particularly true when THE ORDER has been established BY GOD HIMSELF.

The ENTIRE reign of Antichrist, which mercifully lasts only 3½ years, takes place under the 7th seal, 6th trumpet, SECOND & THIRD WOES in the Book of Revelation.

In order for the tribulation to last only 1,260 days, we would have to remove Revelation chapters 6 thru 9 from the Bible, as well as portions of chapters 11 and 12.

Jesus personally warned about what would happen to ANYONE who added OR SUBTRACTED from this Book [Revelation 22:18,19].

In order for the tribulation to last only 1,260 days, we would have to TOTALLY DO AWAY with the 6th Seal, the first 5 trumpets, and the first woe.

Ain't happening!!!

Moreover, if it lasted only 1,260 days:

1. Since the Two Witnesses are killed only AFTER they have finished their 1,260-day testimony that means Antichrist would have to kill them AT THE SECOND COMING OF JESUS, RIGHT IN FRONT OF JESUS' FACE. Ha! FAT CHANCE.

2. That, in turn, would mean his reign would last MORE THAN 42 months (Revelation 13:5).

3)  Revelation 11:9-14 indicate there is an unspecified period of time AFTER the Two Witnesses are killed, when Antichrist is STILL reigning, and also between the second and third woes.

Clearly, then, AT LEAST A SMALL PORTION OF chapters 13-19, which describe the 3½ year reign of Antichrist, take place AFTER the Two Witnesses are killed.

Although the two periods overlap, there's NO WAY the two periods be EXACTLY the same.

4. If the two periods are the same, then there would be NO PREPARATION AT ALL for the Antichrist's rule.

Chapters 8 and 9 of Revelation, portions of chapters 11 and 12, and Haggai 2:21-22 tell of the judgments and devastation that will befall this world, that will topple superpowers, thus creating a power vacuum that will allow the risen Antichrist to rule the world.

If China, Russia and the U.S. still were what they are today, IS THERE ANY WAY this man could rule the world?

So, Antichrist would have to emerge from the pit and say "hey, I'm resurrected and I've come to rule the world" and the superpowers would just say "O.K.", AND WILLINGLY give up their sovereignty. NOT IN A MIL!

Not to mention that the governments of TWO of the major powers are atheistic. They would have to somehow INSTANTLY CONVERT to satan worship and Antichrist worship, as per Revelation 13:4.

4. The killing of the Two Witnesses, which happens AFTER they've prophesied 1,260 days, takes place under the 7th seal, 6th trumpet and ENDS with the Second Woe [Revelation 11:14]. The kingdom of Antichrist takes place under the second and THIRD woes and ends at Jesus' Second Coming, after the 7-vial judgments, when the 7th trumpet is blown [Revelation 11:15]. How, then, can the two BE THE SAME?

5. Revelation 11:8-13 tell us, clear as crystal, that AFTER the Two Witnesses are killed, their dead bodies will lie EXPOSED in Jerusalem for 3½ days, then they resurrect and are taken up to heaven.

That would bring us to, AT LEAST, 1,263½ days.  Plus sometime unspecified time passes AFTER their resurrection and before Christ returns.

If the two periods are the same then Antichrist would be exposing and mocking their cadavers BEFORE THE WHOLE WORLD in the Presence of Jesus, who has by then RETURNED. Not a chance!

6. If the two periods are the same WHY would the Two Witnesses be taken up to heaven, when Jesus is about to set up His earthly Kingdom HERE ON EARTH?

These are irrefutable FACTS.

The tribulation lasts approximately 3½ years. The reign of Antichrist lasts 42  months.  The Two Witnesses prophesy 1,260 days.

Isn't that the same amount of time stated three different ways?  Yes and no.

1,260 days is AN EXACT NUMBER OF DAYS.  You can have 42 Hebrew months in slightly fewer days.  And 3½ years can be SLIGHTLY MORE than 42 months and more than 1,260 days and still be, generally speaking, 3½ years.  God said it THREE DIFFERENT WAYS FOR A REASON.
The Two Witnesses will begin their testimony before the Antichrist begins his world rule, and will die, resurrect and ascend PRIOR TO Jesus' Second Coming.  Their ministry will overlap with the reign of Antichrist, but the two periods ARE NOT -- CANNOT -- be EXACTLY the same. 



There is a 7-year period that precedes THE MILLENNIUM, not the Second Coming of Christ.  In fact, the Millennium is sandwiched in between TWO 7-year periods, one which precedes it and one that follows it (Ezekiel 39:9).

It's during those final 7 years following the Millennium that the Great White Throne Judgment takes place (Revelation 20:10-15).

The 7 years PRECEDING the Millennium, however,
are NOT all tribulation. 

They INCLUDE the "birthpangs" that Jesus mentioned in Matthew 24:4-8, the Rapture, the tribulation judgments, the reign of Antichrist, the Second Coming of Christ and A TRANSITION PERIOD of 75 days, perhaps a bit longer, into the Millennium.

There's NOTHING in the Bible about a 7-year tribulation.

The Bible SPECIFIES that the tribulation lasts 3½ years (Daniel 12:6-7), NOT 7 years.  

However, the Millennium is preceded by a 7-year period of approximately 3½ years of birthpangs, followed by 3½ years of tribulation.


Matthew 24:22 says:

If THOSE DAYS had not been cut short, no one would survive, but for the sake of the Chosen Ones (Jews) THOSE DAYS will be shortened.

This passage is often misconstrued to mean that the NUMBER OF days the tribulation LASTS will be fewer.

That's NOT what it says. IT SAYS, CLEAR AS CRYSTAL, that THE DAYS THEMSELVES will be shortened: DAYS will be SHORTENED, not made FEWER.

How WILL DAYS be shortened? By reducing DAYLIGHT by ONE THIRD (Revelation 8:12):

This means that during the tribulation there will only be about 8 hours of daylight each day, and DARKNESS for the REMAINING 16 HOURS.

It CANNOT mean the NUMBER OF days, because Jesus told John, clear as crystal, 1,260 days for Jews to hide in the desert (Revelation 12:6).

Jesus made this statement around 33 A.D. Revelation was written 63 years later in 96 A.D.

He wouldn't say "the NUMBER of days will be fewer than 1,260 in 33 A.D. and then, 63 years later say "you know what? I changed my mind: I'm going to leave the number as is: 1,260 days".

Jesus is the Alpha and the Omega. He predetermined THE END since THE BEGINNING (Isaiah 46:10). He NEVER CHANGES (Malachi 3:6). He is THE SAME yesterday, today and forever (Hebrews 13:8). Glory to His Name!

Besides in Daniel 12:6-7 Jesus SWORE BY HIMSELF that the tribulation would last 3½ years.

So either THAT INTERPRETATION IS WRONG, or God LIED (perish the thought).


The mid-trib rapture, repackaged in recent years as the "pre-wrath" rapture, is one of the biggest and most unscriptural pieces of crap INVENTED by compromising, Bible-illiterate, religious minds.

It ASSUMES that the tribulation lasts 7 years, and tries to make "everyone happy" (pre-tribbers and post-tribbers) by postulating the "in between" theory that Christians are here during the first 3½ years (hence go through PART OF the tribulation) but NOT during the final 3½ years (hence, do not get to experience THE WORST part).

Only one tiny problem with that ludicrous view: There isn't ONE Scripture that teaches a 7-year tribulation. And if you can find ONE, I'll eat my Bible.

So much for eschatological détente...

In Daniel 11:7 Jesus SWEARS BY HIMSELF that the tribulation will last 3½ years.

If they want "their" fallible word to override God's INFALLIBLE Word, they're both profane and self-deceived.

Unless they want to argue that the Rapture takes place 1¾ years into the tribulation - and there's NO SCRIPTURE ANYWHERE that remotely suggests such idiocy - their theory goes nowhere.

After studying the horrific, unprecedented judgments that will be poured out on the earth after the Church departs, one can only come to the conclusion that if the tribulation lasted more than those 3½ years, there would be NO SURVIVORS (Matthew 24:22), let alone it if lasted 7 WHOLE years.

The Church DEPARTS under the 6th seal, as the tribulation begins and BEFORE ANY judgments are poured on the earth (Revelation 7:9-16).

The tribulation JUDGMENTS begin when the 7th seal is opened (Revelation 8:1-3).



Prophecy gurus constantly teach that the "great multitude" mentioned in Revelation 7:9 are the "tribulation martyrs": Those who died for their faith in Christ during the tribulation.

That's utterly impossible, since they appear in heaven SUDDENLY, and ALL AT ONCE, so unless someone wants to argue that all trib martyrs will die SIMULTANEOUSLY, that's IMPOSSIBLE.

This GREAT multitude shows up in heaven PRIOR TO the tribulation JUDGMENTS, which don't begin until chapter 8, verse 1. 

If they are "tribulation martyrs" HOW ON EARTH can they appear in heaven BEFORE the tribulation judgments begin, and LONG BEFORE Antichrist even comes on the scene (Revelation 13:1).  It MAKES NO SENSE AT ALL.

Furthermore, according to Revelation 20:4, the tribulation martyrs DON'T GO TO HEAVEN PHYSICALLY AT ALL, but are raised, after the tribulation, to rule and reign with Jesus during the Millennium.  They REMAIN HERE ON EARTH.

It's so clear, you need all sorts of religious "help" to MISUNDERSTAND it.



The Rapture is positively, absolutely, unequivocally, pre-trib.
In Revelation 7:9 there is an innumerable multitude which appears, suddenly in heaven, before God's Throne.

Prophecy gurus erroneously teach these are the "tribulation martyrs":

Only problem with their theory is that's impossible, because:

A. the tribulation JUDGMENTS haven't even started.

The Tribulation begins, as the Rapture takes place, in Revelation 6:12, when Jesus opens THE 6TH SEAL. Tribulation JUDGMENTS don't begin until the 7TH SEAL is opened, in chapter 8:1-6.

B. Nowhere in this passage does it state these people have died.

Nowhere does it [even remotely] indicate these are martyrs.

For one thing, Christians will be gone. Those who remain on earth, after the Rapture, are all non-Christian.

For another thing, people don't die for their faith until the the Antichrist is reigning [Revelation 14:13].

C. The "tribulation martyrs" aren't taken to heaven in resurrected bodies at all. They are resurrected at the end of the tribulation and rule and reign with Jesus here on earth, during the millennium [Revelation 20:4].

This "martyr myth" is total fabrication, which shouldn't surprise you by now since, as I've demonstrated time and again, most of what passes as "Bible prophecy" today is pure myth.

So, who are these people? This great multitude? If you want to know, you're in good company. The apostle John saw them, and also wanted to know.

Verse 14 tells us "These are they which came out of the great tribulation".

There's ONLY ONE WAY to "come out of" the great tribulation, and that is to be raptured, as the tribulation begins.

That's exactly what has taken place here. These are the raptured saints which, collectively, make up Christ's Body, the Church.

Here's the sequence of events given in Revelation: 

Revelation 6:9 as Jesus opens the 5th seal, John sees under the altar [in heaven] the souls of them that were slain for the Word of God.

At that point, he sees only souls.

In Revelation 6:12, WHEN JESUS OPENS THE 6TH SEAL, a huge earthquake takes place, the sun becomes black and the moon red as blood. This is the universal sign that the Tribulation is about to begin, and the Rapture is about to occur, given in all three of the synoptic gospels [Matthew, Mark and Luke], and also the book of Joel.

In Revelation 6:15,16 the church is raptured, Jesus appears in the sky, those left on the earth try to hide.

Revelation 7:9 this great, innumerable multitude of "All nations, kindreds, people and languages" appears suddenly, out of nowhere, before God's Throne, and before the Lamb.

A moment ago, they weren't there.

All of a sudden, instantly, they show up. This is what prompts one of the elders to ask "Wait a minute, who are these ? Where did they come from?" [like, how come they're here now, and they weren't here a moment ago?].

In previous chapters [4,5 and 6], when John's spirit goes up to heaven, he sees God on his Throne, he sees souls, he sees 24 elders, he sees the "seven spirits of God", the 4 cherubim [living creatures"], and many angels, but no "multitude" [which implies people].

The innumerable multitude, WHICH SHOWS UP IN HEAVEN SUDDENLY, IN AN INSTANT, is "clothed in white robes, and [has] palms in their hands".

Hello! They got hands! Physical hands.

If they got hands, they gotta also have arms, chests, legs... Bodies!

In Revelation 6:9 John sees only souls under the heavenly altar. In Revelation 7:9 he sees bodies. Human bodies, standing in white robes before God's Throne.

Glorified, resurrected, immortal bodies, as evidenced by the fact that, in verse 16, they "hunger no more, neither shall the sun light on them, or any heat".

Their new, transformed, immortal, glorified bodies are immune to hunger, heat or worldly elements.

It's at the Rapture that "the dead in Christ shall [their bodies] rise first", then we who are alive and remain are "caught up" [Raptured] with them in the clouds.

It's at the Rapture that we don't die but are transformed [our bodies are transformed], "in a moment in the blink of an eye" from corruptible to incorruptible, from mortal to immortal.

To sum up, this innumerable MULTITUDE (the raptured Church) appears suddenly in heaven under the 6th SEAL.  Tribulation JUDGMENTS don't begin until, chapter 8:1, WHEN THE 7TH SEAL IS OPENED.

Therefore, THERE'S NO WAY the Church is going thru the tribulation.  It's IRONCLAD.


Now, let's go all the way back to Genesis.

God changed Abram's name to Abraham, meaning "Father of a great multitude" [Genesis 17:5].

He promised Abraham [who was childless at the time] that his descendants would be as innumerable as the "stars of heaven" and "the sand of the seashore".

Doesn't Revelation 7:9 tell us this is "a great multitude, which no man could number"?

God made an everlasting [eternal, never-ending] covenant with Abraham. In that covenant He promised Abraham that in his Seed [Jesus Christ] all nations would be blessed.

Doesn't Revelation 7:9 tell us the multitude is made up of people "from all nations, kindreds, people and tongues"?

God's going out of His way here to show us how the promise he made to Abraham will be fulfilled in exact detail.

This multitude is the raptured Church. It's the literal fulfillment of the promise God made Abraham 4,000 years ago.

The promise God made to Abraham in the first book of the Bible [Genesis], is literally and wonderfully fulfilled in the last book, Revelation.

Is God faithful, or what?

Isn't he wonderful? Isn't he awesome? 
Isn't he worthy of all ADORATION and praise?
To him be glory forevermore!

Amen. Amen. Amen.

Galatians 3:16 "now to Abraham and his Seed were the promises made. . . To [Abraham's ] Seed which is Christ".

Galatians 3:29 and if you are Christ's [if you belong to Jesus] then you are Abraham's seed and heirs according to the promise.

How did that great multitude, Abraham's seed, the Church of Jesus Christ, get raptured to heaven?

Revelation 7:14 they "washed their robes, and made them white in the Blood of the Lamb".

They were in Christ Jesus. They are Abraham's seed. They inherited the promise.



Where will you spend the coming tribulation??? Will you be in heaven with Christ and his saints? ... Or, will you be on earth enduring horrible judgments and the rule of Antichrist???


Those who insist that the Rapture happens at the end of the tribulation, love to hammer pre-tribbers with the false assertion that the 70 weeks are continuous. That there's no such thing as a "time gap" in this prophecy, and that no such thing is taught anywhere in the Scriptures.

Unfortunately, up to now, pre-tribbers have been unable to provide a satisfactory answer.

Well, lift up your heads, and gird up your loins, pre-tribbers! THERE IS SCRIPTURAL PROOF ABOUT THE SO-CALLED "GAP THEORY".

The most accurate and amazing timeline in all history is given, IN ADVANCE, in Daniel 9:25-27.

In the interest of fairness, I have to say that there's plenty of blame to go around in both the dispensationalist camp, and the non-dispensationalist, post-tribulation camp.

Yes. There's a gap. Post-tribbers are wrong about that. But dispensationalists have BUTCHERED this prophecy so badly, that it's ended up hurting, instead of helping, their cause.

It's NOT the Antichrist who "confirms the covenant", it's Jesus who already confirmed it "in the midst of the (70th) week", when He caused the sacrifice [meat offering] and oblation [grain offering] to CEASE.

[For ABSOLUTE PROOF, see Myths #6, and #7].

Hence, the gap DOES NOT occur between the 69th and 70th weeks. It happens between the 69½ week and the last 3½ years of tribulation, which will COMPLETE the 70th week.

But where do we find the "time gap"?

Daniel 9:25 says from the commandment to restore and build THE CITY of Jerusalem [NOT the second temple], to Messiah the Prince, there would be a total of 69 weeks.

Daniel 9:26 tells us that AFTER those 69 weeks Messiah would be killed.

Daniel 9:27 then tells us Messiah would CONFIRM the covenant, and cause the sacrifice and oblation to cease "IN THE MIDST [middle] OF THE WEEK"...

In the middle of what week? Obviously, it would have to be the 70th.

Messiah appears 69 weeks after the decree to rebuild Jerusalem, and AFTER those 69 weeks, in the MIDST OF the 70th week, He is killed, He confirms the Abrahamic-Davidic covenant with His Own Blood, and thereby causes the animal sacrifices and grain offerings to CEASE SINCE, AFTER HIS SON'S HOLY, PRECIOUS BLOOD, GOD NO LONGER ACCEPTS THOSE.

It's crystal clear.

So, clearly, the prophet is indicating THERE'S A BREAK [GAP] at the 69½ week mark.

Question: if Messiah's death and resurrection took us to the end of 69½ sabbatical weeks [schmitas], how much of the 70 weeks remains to be fulfilled?

The answer is HALF A "WEEK" or 3½ years.

If 3½ years of the last [70th] week remain to be fulfilled, that means there's a "time gap".

BUT WAIT! WAIT! I got plenty more.

In Daniel chapters 10-12 Jesus appears to the prophet and fills in some of the "70 weeks" details.

From Daniel 11:28 thru the end of the book, He speaks about the last half of the 70th week, also known as the Great Tribulation.

In chapter 12:6 Daniel asks Jesus "how long shall it take to END these things?".

Jesus lifts both his hands to heaven and SWEARS BY HIMSELF that it will be for... you guessed it, 3½ years ["time, times and half a time"].


Now, let's FOREVER DESTROY THE MYTH THAT "no such thing is taught in the scriptures".

Revelation chapter 10. Jesus appears, this time to John, holding the Book of Daniel in His hand, and in verses 5 and 6 there's a moment of prophetic dèja vu,  when Jesus again lifts up His hands to heaven and SWEARS BY HIMSELF that "there should be NO MORE DELAY".

A "DELAY", dear friends, IS A TIME GAP!

In Greek, chronos ouketi esomai. He SWEARS BY HIMSELF that "time interval no longer will be".

Any way you look at it, a TIME INTERVAL or "delay" is a TIME GAP.

The "gap theory" is TOTALLY scriptural!

Look at the next verse [Revelation 10:7]:

"But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the MYSTERY OF GOD SHOULD BE FINISHED, as He has declared to His servants the prophets".

The seventh angel blows his trumpet AT THE END of THE 70TH WEEK [END OF THE TRIBULATION] and it's OVER. Nothing about the 70 "weeks", the Church, the Rapture, or the Tribulation, is a mystery any longer.

NOBODY'S been more ruthless in debunking dispensationalist myths than I. If you doubt it, read some of the previous myths. But when they're right, they're right.

On this they're right, at least in principle. Their error is in the DETAILS.

Just goes to show... I'm an "equal opportunity" myth buster.


In a desperate attempt to support their unsupportable theory, post-tribulation wackos cling to Paul's words in 1 Corinthians 15:52, which state "... in a moment, in the blink of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed".

They say this "last trumpet" is the same as the trumpet sounded by the seventh angel in Revelation 10:7 and 11:15, and thus, proves the Rapture happens at the end of the Tribulation, when God's kingdom is established on earth.

Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong!

For starters, 1 Corinthians, where the "last trumpet" is mentioned, was written in or around 54 A.D., while Revelation was written in or around 96 A.D. (42 years later). It's highly doubtful that Paul would have made reference to a NON-EXISTENT eschatological term that John would INTRODUCE 42 years later.

From Revelation chapter 8 thru chapter 11, it speaks of A SERIES of 7 different trumpets blown BY ANGELS. These trumpets bring judgment on rebellious,Christ-rejecting mankind.

The last trumpet in 1 Corinthians 15:52, which occurs at the Rapture, is also mentioned in 1 Thessalonians 4:16 as "the trumpet of God". It's God's trumpet, not the seventh angel's, and it's ONE, not 7.

God's trumpet brings blessing to God's children, not judgment.

NO WAY can they be the same!

So what did Paul mean when he referred to the "last trumpet"?

He was making a contrast between the first trumpet of God, when He first called and sanctified [set apart] a people for Himself at Mount Sinai, and the last trumpet of God when He will call those whom He has [already] sanctified [set apart, His saints, His Church] unto Himself.

The first trumpet is described in Exodus chapter 19. There's no mention whatsoever of any angels involved. Furthermore, there is no judgment of any kind involved.

In Exodus 19:6 God tells Israel they "shall be unto me a kingdom of priests, and a holy nation".

Those same words are used by the apostle Peter in 1st Peter 2:5,9 and by the apostle John in Revelation 1:6 with regards to Christ's Church.

In Exodus 19:9 God showed up in a cloud. At the Rapture, Jesus shows up in a cloud [Luke 21:32].

In Exodus 19:11,20 God descends upon Mount Sinai. At the Rapture, Jesus descends from heaven to meet believers in the air [1Thessalonians 4:19].

He descends with the VOICE OF THE ARCHANGEL [probably Michael] and the trump of God.

There's no Archangel involved in the 7 trumpets of Revelation at all, only ordinary angels.

In Exodus 19:18 there's a great quaking of the earth. In Revelation 6:12 the same quaking happens at the Rapture, only on an even grander scale.

In Exodus 19, Israel is told repeatedly to be ready for God's coming "on the third day".

Hosea 6:2 "After two days will he revive us: on the third day he shall raise us up, and we shall live in His sight".

Jesus Himself rose from the dead on the third day [Matthew 12:40, 17:23, 20:19, 27:64; Acts 10:40; 1 Corinthians 15:4], and so will the "dead in Christ" be raised, at the Rapture, on the third prophetic day, or third Millennium, after His death and resurrection.

In Exodus 19, the trumpet was God's own, no angels involved, and it sounded long and loud, and got progressively louder.

It has, therefore, no relationship whatsoever to the SERIES of 7 TRUMPETS, blown by SEVEN ANGELS IN Revelation chapters 8-11.


The New Testament Book of Hebrews 12:18-29 connects the first trumpet in Exodus 19 with the Rapture of the Church, WHICH WILL BE GOD'S "LAST TRUMPET":

"For you are not come unto the mount that might be touched... and THE SOUND OF THE TRUMPET... but you are come unto Mount Sion, and unto the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, and to an innumerable company of angels.

To the general assembly AND CHURCH of the firstborn, which are written in heaven, and to God the Judge of all, and to the spirits of just men made perfect.

And to Jesus the mediator of the New Covenant, and to the Blood of sprinkling, that speaks better things than that of Abel.

See that you refuse not Him that speaks... whose voice then [when the first trumpet sounded on Sinai] shook the earth, but now He has promised, yet once more I shake not the earth only, but also the heaven".

This is exactly [a great shaking of both heaven and earth] what the Book of Haggai 2:6,7 and Revelation 6:12 describe as happening at the Rapture, when Jesus, the Desire of Nations [Gentiles] comes.

When the Rapture happens in Revelation 6:12, the Tribulation JUDGMENTS haven't even started [they don't begin until Revelation 8:1] AND NOT EVEN ONE OF THE SEVEN ANGELS HAS BLOWN HIS TRUMPET.

Revelation 11:15 makes it clear that the 7th trumpet is blown AFTER the tribulation has ENDED and Jesus is REIGNING on the earth. There is NO RAPTURE (catching away) of ANYONE, let alone of LIVING believers at that time.

Additionally, Isaiah 63:1-4 says that when Jesus returns (Second Coming) NONE OF THE PEOPLE are with Him.  If the Church were still on earth, wouldn't the millions or billions of believers that comprise the Church be ON HIS SIDE?




I call the words in Matthew 24:29 "the GREAT mistranslation".

In most Bibles they read "Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken:

And then shall appear the sign of the Son of Man in heaven... and they shall see the Son of Man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory".

The Word of God is inerrant. Translations of His Word often aren't.

Intentionally or not, the translators' own theological bias ends up influencing their translation.

This is one CLEAR instance where that happened.

Here's the problem: Every other verse of scripture that talks about these same signs, clearly states they happen BEFORE the tribulation.

Isaiah 13:10, Joel 2:10,11,31 and Revelation 6:12 all tell us these signs PRECEDE THE TRIBULATION:


The whole discourse in Matthew 24 is given in answer to the disciples' question: "tell us... what shall be THE SIGN of your coming, and of the end of the age? [Matthew 24:3].

The whole purpose of giving us a "sign" is to warn us that SOMETHING is ABOUT TO happen.

What would be the purpose of giving us a sign AFTER something's ALREADY HAPPENED?

If these "signs" were given AFTER the TRIBULATION, after it's ALL OVER... who needs them THEN? We ALREADY KNOW what's happened, so... They'd be pretty USELESS.  The danger's already past, so what on earth would they POINT TO?

Signs are ALWAYS given BEFORE an event.  Why would ANYONE need "signs" AFTER the tribulation ends? The tribulation itself, the fact Antichrist has been reigning for 3½ years, and that people are required to take his mark in order to buy or sell would ALREADY tell us EXACTLY WHEN Messiah's Second Coming will take place.

Therefore, there's NO WAY those signs happen after the tribulation, and in NO WAY do they signal His Second Coming. They signal the Rapture.

Jesus gave us the sign of the sun turning dark, etc. as an indication that the Rapture's about to happen, FOLLOWED BY THE AWFUL TRIBULATION.

The Greek words eutheos meta, erroneously translated as "immediately after", actually mean "immediately WITH", or "at once, in close proximity WITH" or "immediately accompanying" the tribulation:

eutheos = immediately, at once.
meta = with, adjacent, accompanying, in close proximity to

The word "meta", for instance, is used in Matthew 1:23 to say that Immanuel means "God WITH us", NOT "God AFTER us". And again in Matthew 2:11 to say that the wise men "saw the young child WITH Mary His mother". 

Matter of fact, the two verses "immediately after" Matthew 24:29 TRANSLATE THE VERY SAME WORD "META" AS "WITH", NOT as "after": 

... "WITH (meta) power and great glory" (Matthew 24:30). 

"And He will send His angels WITH (meta) the sound of a great trumpet" (Matthew 24:31). 

We must, therefore, ask ourselves WHY the biased, self-serving 4th century religious hierarchy CHOSE to render the meaning "after" in verse 29, but NOT in verses 30 or 31. 

Do you suppose it might have been because it claimed to have the EXCLUSIVE RIGHT to "interpret" Scripture?

If we read this portion correctly "immediately with the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened"... or "at once, in close proximity and accompanying the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened"... there's NO CONFLICT whatsoever with the other scriptures that mention these same signs.

The correct sequence, therefore is, the sun gets dark, or the moon turns blood-red [depending on what part of the world one lives in], there will be some sort of meteor shower, or asteroids hitting the earth, the atmospheric heavens will shake, the Rapture takes place, then the tribulation starts.

The Rapture is pre-trib.

God's getting His children out of here BEFORE He pours out His wrath.

No amount of eschatological bias, no amount of unbelief, and no mistranslation can change that.


Is the Parable of the Wheat and Tares in Matthew 13:24-43 PROOF of a post tribulation rapture?


The words "catching up", "catching away", or "departure" are NOWHERE found in the text.

Post-tribbers claim that Matthew 24:30 "proves" a post trib rapture:

"Let both grow together UNTIL THE HARVEST: and in the time of harvest I will say to the reapers, Gather together FIRST THE TARES, and bind them in bundles TO BURN THEM: but gather the wheat into my storehouse".

Their ridiculous argument is that because this parable says to "gather together the TARES FIRST and burn them", and that the wheat or grain gets put into God's storehouse AFTER the tares are collected and burnt, this "proves" that the Rapture is post-trib.

This supposedly "proves" that God JUDGES THE WICKED FIRST, then raptures and gathers the "children of the kingdom" into His storehouse.

Can someone please show me WHERE it says in that entire passage that the "children of the Kingdom" are CAUGHT UP to meet Jesus IN THE AIR, which is what happens at the Rapture? (1 Thessalonians 4:16-17)



Why? Because this is NOT TALKING ABOUT the Rapture.


Jesus says very clearly in Matthew 13:38 that:
"THE HARVEST is THE END OF THE WORLD" or "end of this age".

And again in verse 40: "so shall it be in THE END OF THIS WORLD" (or end of this age).

This is what happens AT THE END of the tribulation:

When a NEW AGE of peace and righteous rule BEGINS with Jesus and His Church reigning supreme:

The wicked (tares) are cast into the lake of fire.

The "good seed", as they're called in THIS parable, are ushered into Jesus' earthly Kingdom.

In fact, Jesus calls them "the children OF THE KINGDOM" in Matthew 13:38.

And Matthew 13:41 COULDN'T BE CLEARER: His angels will "gather OUT OF HIS KINGDOM all things that offend, and them which do iniquity".

Which part of "OUT OF HIS KINGDOM" don't these fools understand?

Jesus explains for THE THIRD TIME, which time period He is addressing:

"Then shall THE RIGHTEOUS shine forth as the sun IN THE KINGDOM of their Father" (Matthew 13:43)

You have three groups: tares that get burnt (the wicked), sons of the kingdom that are godly tribulation survivors ushered into Christ's earthly Kingdom to populate the earth during the Millennium, and you have THE RIGHTEOUS (those who were raptured 3½ years earlier) SHINING FORTH AS THE SUN in the Kingdom of THEIR FATHER. 

The same teaching is put forth in the parable of the sheep and goats in Matthew 25:31-46: the "sheep" enter His Kingdom on earth, the "goats" are sent into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels.

 There's NO RAPTURE (catching away) OF ANYONE in these verses.

Therefore, they have ZERO to do with the Rapture.

Consequently, they DON'T "prove" a post-trib Rapture.

All they "prove" is HOW DESPERATE post tribbers are to find ANY LOOPHOLE in the Bible to support their FALSE teaching.

Better luck next time.


Just when I thought stupid religionists COULDN'T POSSIBLY invent MORE LUDICROUS CRAP, they decided to OUTDO themselves with their galloping stupidity.

We've been hearing about the so-called "fake rapture" for several years, and of course decided TO IGNORE IT as it is just TOO STUPID for anyone but a few religious loons to take seriously.

However, we're now hearing from those loons on a regular basis.

I googled the term recently, just out of curiosity, and found over 121,000 blogs and websites that deal with that topic and 60,000 plus YouTube videos.

And you wonder WHY Jesus warned, even His disciples, about THE MASSIVE RELIGIOUS DECEPTION that would take place, presumably in His Name, by people who say that "Jesus IS the Christ", just prior to His appearing? (Matthew 24:4)

U-N- freakin' BELIEVABLE.

HOW can ANYONE pass himself or herself off as "Christian" and disseminate THIS UNBIBLICAL MANURE?

There isn't ONE verse, from Genesis to Revelation that talks about a "fake" Rapture.


But that doesn't stop these imbeciles from presenting their moronic theory as "fact" or as "biblical".

They got everyone from NASA to aliens, to the Illuminati, to Barney the Dinosaur, involved in some "BLUE BEAM" fantasy about staging a "fake rapture" to confuse REAL believers.

This just PROVES HOW DESPERATE post-tribbers are to gain support for their false doctrine, when they have to resort to some wacko, "beam me up" Star Trek theory.

Of course, when we ask these nitwits to produce VERIFIABLE EVIDENCE that NASA, or aliens, or the Illuminati are involved in so nefarious a project -- which would require them to possess SUPERNATURAL POWERS COMPARABLE to God's -- they CAN'T.

Likewise, when we ask them for scientific credentials to PROVE their expertise as to what can and cannot be done with laser technology, they are equally incapable.

It's always "I heard", or "I read" or "I spoke" to some expert.

Fine. Give us THE EXPERT'S NAME so we can contact him and verify his credentials.

Evidently, these retards, with nothing better to do, have seen too many sci-fi movies and equate the Rapture with science fiction.

But they won't be able to call on Gene Roddenberry or Steven Spielberg when they face Antichrist since, IF THEY ARE STILL ALIVE, they'll be too busy running and hiding to save their behinds... not to mention THEIR STUPID HEADS.

They are the ones WHO WILL WET THEMSELVES, when THE VERY REAL Rapture happens, and THE VERY REAL Jesus appears, and starts sending judgment upon judgment ON THEM and the rest of the LIARS who'll remain on this planet.

Besides being woeful ignoramuses, THESE PEOPLE ARE LIARS who ADD and SUBTRACT from God's Word ON PURPOSE, to suit their fear-filled agenda.


They are fear mongers who SERVE the spirit of fear, who is a manifestation of satan himself (2 Timothy 1:7).

Are you saying I CAN'T be saved if I'm post trib?

No. Although you're WRONG on eschatology, you CAN BE post-trib and be saved.

But YOU CANNOT INTENTIONALLY ADD and SUBTRACT from God's Word with impunity.

Unless you think that Jesus ISSUED STERN WARNINGS in Proverbs 30:6 and Revelation 22:18-19 because He "couldn't think of anything else to say".

It's one thing to spread lies like this "in the Name of Christ" OUT SHEER IGNORANCE, it's another to do so WITH MALICE AND FORETHOUGHT:

Even Paul, the greatest preacher of God's Grace this world has ever heard, felt compelled to warn "it is A FEARFUL THING to fall into the hands of the Living God" (Hebrews 10:31).

Unless they repent, fall on their faces, beg God's forgiveness, and TRULY RECEIVE CHRIST INTO THEIR HEARTS, they and their "fake blue beam rapture" will spend eternity in the BLAZING, RED-HOT lake of fire along with satan, their illegitimate father.



That's a lie, and I can prove it.

First century Christians KNEW the Rapture would precede the Tribulation.

Paul believed in a pre-trib Rapture.

He said the Day of the Lord [tribulation] could not begin unless "the departure" [Rapture] took place and the man of sin, the Antichrist, was revealed, in context, to the Church [2 Thessalonians 2:3-4].

The words "falling away" are a most unfortunate translation. Nothing's falling away from nowhere. Ho apostasia, literally means THE DEPARTURE.

John ALSO believed in a pre-trib Rapture, as evidenced by Revelation 7:9-17 where the Church appears in heaven, suddenly, PRIOR to the start of the tribulation.

Jesus Himself said the Rapture's pre-trib [Luke 21:24-32].

He said He'd appear in a cloud within the generation in which Jerusalem would return to the Jews, after 2,030 years of continued "gentile trampling". No tribulation is mentioned anywhere in between.

In verse 36 of that same chapter, He tells us to "watch... and pray always that you may be accounted worthy TO ESCAPE ALL THESE THINGS THAT SHALL COME TO PASS, and to stand before the Son of Man".

The only way to "escape" the trib, and stand before the Son of Man is to be Raptured.

That's EXACTLY what has happened to the great multitude that stands before the Father and the Son in Revelation 7:9.

It was AFTER the first century A.D., as Christianity became institutionalized, that many Christians came to believe in a post-tribulation Rapture.

This is due, in part, to their ignorance of the prophetic scriptures.

That's what one gets for being influenced by stuffy, old theologians.

But even if the early Christians had believed in a post-trib Rapture, it's a moot point anyway, because Jesus made it clear to Daniel, and to the disciples before He ascended to heaven, that the TIMING of these events was "sealed" UNTIL THE TIME OF THE END [Daniel 12:4,9; Acts 1:7].

Nobody would know the exact timing of these events UNTIL THE TIME OF THE END.

One need only see what the prophecy establishment has done with the Rapture [not to mention prophecy in general]: pre-trib, mid-trib, post-trib, pre-trib post wrath [an UNBIBLICAL MYTH, IF THERE EVER WAS ONE!], Rapture only for "spiritual" Christians, etc., etc., to realize just how accurate Jesus' prediction turned out to be.

Jesus Himself said, in Daniel 12:4, that as we approached the end times which, evidently, would have to include the Rapture, knowledge about eschatology would be increased.

Those are Jesus' words, not mine. If you want to argue with Him, be my guest.

The fact such knowledge has increased, the fact we can today prove, unequivocally, from the scriptures, the pre-tribulation Rapture of believers, is proof-positive that we're living at the time of the end.


One of post-tribbers favorite arguments is that Jesus spoke of resurrecting believers on "the last day".

They quote the Gospel of John, which repeatedly states that Jesus will either JUDGE people or raise them up on "the last day" (John 6:39,40,44,54; 11:24; 12:48).

This, post-tribbers contend, PROVES that believers remain on earth during the tribulation and that the Rapture takes place AT THE LAST DAY. Hence, the Rapture CANNOT POSSIBLY BE pre-trib.

Notice what Jesus DIDN'T say: He NEVER SAID "and I will SNATCH believers who are ALIVE to meet me IN THE AIR, on the last day".

In EVERY ONE of the above passages Jesus spoke ONLY of RESURRECTING people, or JUDGING them unto CONDEMNATION.

NOT ONCE does He mention CATCHING THEM AWAY to meet Him in the air (1 Thessalonians 4:16, 17). And I challenge ANY post-tribber TO PRODUCE ONE verse of Scripture that says THE SNATCHING, CATCHING AWAY or Greek "harpazo" (a/k/a The Rapture) takes place on the "last day".

So, even IF (huge "IF") Jesus had meant the LITERAL, last 24-hour day, this couldn't possibly refer to the Rapture of Christians.

The obvious question is "WHAT, then, did Jesus mean when He spoke about "the last day".

Had He meant the last 24-hour day, I have bad, bad news for post-tribbers: The ONLY ONES who get raised on the last 24-hour day according to Revelation 20:14,15 are THE DAMNED, who get tossed into the lake of fire along with satan.

So, they sure as hell better pray Jesus didn't mean the last, LITERAL 24-hour day.

In Psalm 90:4 Moses tells us that, from God's perspective, "A THOUSAND YEARS in your sight are LIKE A DAY that has just gone by".

And, again, 2 Peter 3:8 states "ONE DAY with the Lord IS AS A THOUSAND YEARS, and a thousand years as one day".

The term "last day" refers to the prophetic "Day of the Lord" or Millennium, which is both, succeeded and preceded by 7-YEAR PERIODS.

The succeeding 7 years are the time for the Great White Throne judgment of unbelievers (Revelation 20:7-15; Ezekiel 39:9).

The preceding 7 years -- which we are in right now -- cover the birthpangs, the Rapture, the tribulation and the Second Coming.

So, when Jesus says "No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws him, and I will raise him up at the LAST DAY" (John 6:44) He meant SOMETIME DURING the prophetic Day of the Lord, which is a period of OVER 1,000 years (approximately 1,014 years) that begins with the birthpangs and ends with the White Throne Judgment when death itself, hell itself, and the unsaved are all cast into the lake of fire (Revelation 20:15), whereupon there's a new heaven and a new earth (Revelation 21:1).

Indeed, there are SEVERAL RESURRECTIONS during that period, including:

1. The "dead in Christ" at the Rapture (1 Thessalonians 4:16, 17).

2. The Two Witnesses (Revelation 11:11, 12).

3. The tribulation martyrs (Revelation 20:4).

4. The unsaved dead (Revelation 20:11-15).

It was THIS SAME time span that John referred to again in the Book of Revelation 1:10 when he states he was "in the Spirit ON THE DAY OF THE LORD", whereupon he was shown, "things that are" and "things which shall be" (Revelation 1:19).

Those "things" he was shown, as taking place during the Day of the Lord or "last day", included the Rapture (Revelation 6:12, 7:9), the tribulation (chapters 8-19), the reign of Antichrist (chapters 13-19), the Second Coming or our Lord (chapter 19), all the way til the end of the Millennium, the White Throne Judgment, the new heaven and earth, and the New Jerusalem (chapters 20-22).

Clearly, the Day of the Lord, or "last day", is a LONG period of time which encompasses ALL OF THE ABOVE.

So, the Rapture DOES take place near the START OF the "Day of the Lord" or "Last Day", BEFORE the tribulation judgments are poured out, as UNDISPUTEDLY described in Revelation 7:9 and 8:2.

One of the reasons it's called "the last day" is because, once this period ends, time as we know it, WILL BE NO MORE.

When the Day of the Lord ends, everyone and everything steps into the realm of ETERNITY which, ultimately, is the only REALITY, the ONLY TRUTH, there is.

The concept of the "last day" or Day of the Lord, and that there would be one or more resurrections during that period, was familiar to Jews in Jesus' time, since it's mentioned often in the Old Testament (Isaiah 2:6-22; 11:6-10; 19:16-25; 26:1-21; 58:13; Jeremiah 46:10; Ezekiel chapters 47-48; Haggai 2:23; Amos 5:18; Zephaniah 1:4; 2:2; Zechariah 12:8; 14:7, 20-21).

What they didn't know were the FINER POINTS of that Day, since those are given to us in the New Testament.


Since there's a resurrection of the "dead in Christ" which happens at the Rapture, a favorite post-tribulationist argument is that the Rapture HAPPENS AT THE END OF THE TRIBULATION BASED ON Revelation 20:4, which is called "THE FIRST resurrection".

They erroneously hypothesize that the "first resurrection" refers to the Rapture of believers.

Problem is that, the "dead in Christ" who rise at the Rapture,  are then CAUGHT UP TOGETHER WITH LIVING believers to meet Jesus in the air (1 Thessalonians 4:16,17)

Those who take part in the "first resurrection" ARE NOT CAUGHT UP AT ALL, but remain HERE ON EARTH to reign with Jesus (Revelation 20:4). 
Furthermore, there's NO MENTION WHATSOEVER in Revelation 20:4 of LIVING believers being transformed and caught up.

Hence, they CANNOT BE the same resurrection.

Furthermore, post-tribbers confuse "Rapture" with "Resurrection".

They are, in fact, two different things.

The Greek word for what is commonly referred to as "the Rapture" is harpazo which means to SUDDENLY SEIZE, or SNATCH.

The word for "resurrection" is anastasis which literally means to STAND UP, to RISE, or TO STAND AGAIN.

At the Rapture, there is a resurrection of "the dead in Christ", but there are also MILLIONS, if not BILLIONS, who ARE CAUGHT UP (SNATCHED) ALIVE to meet Jesus in the air as clearly expressed in 1 Thessalonians 4:16,17, also in 1 Corinthians 15:50-55.

The "FIRST" resurrection described in Revelation 20:4 is STRICTLY that of TRIBULATION MARTYRS, who come to faith in Jesus during the reign of Antichrist and are killed for their faith, as clearly described in that passage.

NO ONE IS CAUGHT UP TO MEET JESUS IN THE AIR at the so-called "FIRST" resurrection.

The "rest of the dead" in Revelation 20:5 refers to the UNSAVED DEAD, who are not raised until THE END OF the Millennium and get tossed into the lake of fire, or SECOND DEATH (Revelation 20:13-15).

So the term "FIRST resurrection", IN CONTEXT, refers to the first resurrection OF THE MILLENNIUM, since it takes place AT THE START thereof. It is STRICTLY FOR TRIBULATION MARTYRS, who reign with Jesus 1,000 years.

Likewise, the "SECOND resurrection" or "SECOND death" is the SECOND resurrection OF THE MILLENNIUM, it's strictly for the UNSAVED, and takes place AT THE END of the Millennium (Revelation 20:13-15).

The term "FIRST resurrection" CANNOT POSSIBLY MEAN "the first resurrection EVER", since I can name, off the top of my head, AT LEAST TEN resurrections that have taken place PRIOR TO that one:

1. The boy Elisha raised from the dead (2 Kings 4:32-36).

2. The man who rose when his corpse touched Elisha's bones (2 Kings 13:21).

3. The widow's son at Naim (Luke 7:12-15).

4. The resurrection of the dead girl (Mark 7:39-42).

5. Lazarus (John 11:38-44).

6. Jesus (Matthew 28:6).

7. Many Old Testament saints that arose when Jesus rose (Matthew 27:52).
8.  Tabitha, a/k/a Dorcas, whom Peter raised from the dead (Acts 9:40-41).

9. The resurrection of the "dead in Christ" at the Rapture (1 Thessalonians 4:16).

10. The resurrection of the Two Witnesses during the tribulation (Revelation 11:11, 12).

So, to say that the term "First resurrection" which is CLEARLY USED IN REFERENCE TO THE MILLENNIUM, is the same as the Resurrection of the "dead in Christ" at the Rapture, or the same as the Rapture, simply DOESN'T STAND UP TO BIBLICAL SCRUTINY.

It's NOT the first "group resurrection" either, since it was preceded by the resurrection of MANY Old Testament saints when Jesus arose, as stated in item #7 above.

To sum up:
Those who have died in Christ, are with Him in spirit (2 Corithians 5:8) and are RAISED at the Rapture.

Current believers, who are ALIVE when the Rapture happens, ARE TAKEN TO HEAVEN ALIVE BEFORE the tribulation begins (Revelation 7:9).

Tribulation saints who SURVIVE are Raptured PRIOR TO the end of the tribulation (Revelation 15:2).

Tribulation saints who DIE (martyrs) are not raptured AT ALL, but RESURRECTED at THE START OF the Millennium ("first resurrection", Revelation 20:4).

Unbelievers are raised at THE END OF the Millennium ("second resurrection") and are tossed into the lake of fire or second death (Revelation 20:15).

There's NO WAY in heaven, hell, or earth, that the "first resurrection" can be THE SAME AS the Rapture.


The conventional teaching is that the Holy Spirit is presently preventing the reappearance of Antichrist and that, when the Church is raptured, He will be removed, thus allowing the Antichrist to manifest.

There's NOTHING in the Bible to support that theory.

The Holy Spirit is God.

God is omnipresent.

He will still be on earth during the tribulation.

Thru His tremendous witness, He will effectively draw MANY to faith in Jesus Christ during the last 3½ years of the tribulation
[Revelation 14:14-16; 15:2; 20:4].

In 2 Thessalonians 2:3, Paul states that two things must happen BEFORE the Day of the Lord [tribulation] begins:

1. The Departure
[ho apostasia, in Greek], a/k/a "the Rapture", where Christians are gathered together unto Him.

2. The man of sin
must be revealed [unveiled] IN and TO THE CHURCH, since he was addressing THE CHURCH at Thessalonica.

Who is the "he" referred to in 2 Thessalonians 2:7 that is restraining the appearance of Antichrist on earth, and who must be "taken out of the way"?

The Body of Christ, of course.

That's why in verse 6 he states "NOW YOU KNOW what is holding him back, so that he may be revealed at the proper time".

He had just told them WHAT: the presence of Christ's Body [the Church] on earth.

Antichrist is revealed TO THE WORLD, much later, after the bottomless pit is opened [Revelation 11:7; 13:1; 17:8].


No. Jerusalem is God's prophetic time clock.

Every major prophecy begins and ends with Jerusalem.

Jerusalem is the focus of Daniel 9:24-27, Zechariah chapters 12-14, the entire Book of Joel, Luke 21:24-32, and Revelation chapters 11-15 and 19-22.

Except for the Book of Joel, ALL these prophecies were given AFTER Israel (the northern 10 tribes) had ceased to exist, and had VANISHED into multiple nationalities, to the point that, TO THIS VERY DAY they are referred to as the "10 LOST tribes".

Therefore, while it's an important development, there's NO WAY that the creation of a MODERN State named Israel, with a capital in "West" Jerusalem -- WHICH NEVER EVEN EXISTED IN BIBLICAL TIMES -- CAN BE THE MOMENT WHEN the eschatological COUNTDOWN BEGINS.


Therefore, the end-time prophetic clock started ticking on June 7, 1967 when the Jews recaptured Jerusalem after 2,030 years of continued Gentile occupation.

That was 45 years ago.

Why should that matter to us? Because Jesus gave His Word, that the generation that saw Jerusalem return to the Jews, after the times of "Gentile trampling" were fulfilled, WOULD NOT PASS AWAY until we saw Him coming in a cloud with power and great glory.




Most prophecy teachers say the fig tree represents Israel and that the fig tree began to bloom on May 14, 1948 when the State of Israel came into being.

Problem is: there's NO SCRIPTURE that designates Israel as God's fig tree.

Furthermore, what we call the State of Israel today, is in no way, shape or form what THE BIBLE calls Israel, namely the 12 tribes, or, at the very least, the 10 northern tribes, which are still "lost".

According to Scripture, Israel or the 10 "lost tribes" DO NOT REAPPEAR UNTIL THE MILLENNIUM (Ezekiel 36:16-38; 37:15-28; Chapter 48).

Consequently, if we are waiting for what GOD - not mortal man - calls Israel to bloom, in order for Christ to rapture His Church, or even for Christ to return... we'll be waiting A LONG, LONG TIME.   

There's NO WAY, therefore, that the fig tree can represent biblical Israel, or even the State of Israel.

There are, on the other hand, several Scriptures that CLEARLY designate NOT ALL Israel, but biblical Jerusalem, as God's fig tree (Jeremiah 24:4-7; Joel 1:7; Luke 13:6-9, 31-32).

This lines up PERFECTLY with many other Scriptures that clearly state that biblical Jerusalem RETURNING TO JEWISH HANDS is a PREREQUISITE to the Rapture and subsequent Second Coming of Christ (Psalm 102:16; Jeremiah 31:38-40; Daniel 9:25; Joel 2:1; 3:1-2; Zechariah;12:2-4; 13:1; Luke 21:24-25).

Jesus' parable refers to Jerusalem:

The "fig tree" is Jerusalem, NOT Israel.

When biblical Jerusalem "blossoms" and instead of being bare, BLOOMS WITH NEW LIFE UNDER ITS RIGHTFUL OWNER, THE TRIBE OF JUDAH (since 1967) -- THAT'S WHEN the eschatological clock began ticking.


Jerusalem and the third temple will not be destroyed. Jeremiah 31:38-40 SPECIFICALLY promises that the Old City WILL NEVER be destroyed.

Jerusalem will be
conquered by Antichrist [Zechariah 14:1,2; Daniel 12:7; Revelation 11:7,8].

He will overcome the two witnesses, and crucify them on Damascus Square. He will then sit in the temple, proclaiming himself "God" [2 Thessalonians 2:4].

Jerusalem will suffer some damage, but will not be destroyed.

There's a big earthquake, right after the two witnesses are resurrected and ascend to heaven [Revelation 11:13], which causes the 10th part of the city to fall.

Near the end of the tribulation, the biggest earthquake in human history will divide the city in three parts [Revelation 16:18,19].

At Jesus' Second Coming, His feet will touch on the Mount of Olives, just East of Jerusalem, and it will split in two, half of it toward the North and half toward the South, forming a great valley in between [running from East to West]; [Zechariah 14:3-9].

This valley will facilitate the return of Jewish refugees, hidden away in the Judean wilderness.

Jesus will liberate Jerusalem in His Second Coming, when He returns as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Jerusalem will be the world headquarters of His Millennial Kingdom [Isaiah chapter 60].


Since Jesus stated that the generation in which Jerusalem returned to the Jews would NOT PASS AWAY without Him coming, the next logical question is "what IS a biblical generation?"

If you believe the leading, self-professed "prophecy experts" it's "the general period of time when the majority of people that witnessed a particular event are still alive".

Leave it to the useless prophecy quacks to come up with an equally useless and ambiguous "explanation".

The Bible tells us, very clearly, what a generation is.

A biblical generation is 40 years, or slightly over that [Numbers 32:13, Psalms 95:10; 1st Chronicles 29:26-28; Acts 13:36; Hebrews 3:9-11; Isaiah 53:8; Matthew 1:17].

In Matthew 24:34 Jesus told His disciples that "this generation shall not pass away till all be fulfilled", "all" meaning the destruction of Jerusalem and the second temple.

He said those words in 30 A.D., a few days prior to His crucifixion and resurrection. His words were literally fulfilled, in precise detail, 40 years later, in 70 A.D., when the Romans razed the city and the temple, leaving no trace that they had even existed.

If we take Jesus' genealogy in Matthew chapter 1 (from Abraham to David, David to Babylonian captivity, and Babylon to Jesus) as being 42 generations (14+14+14) and divide the approximate time from Abraham to Jesus which is estimated to be about 2,100 years by 42, it equals 50.

Therefore, if a generation is AT LEAST 40 years, but NO MORE THAN 50 years, and Jerusalem returned to the Jews 44 years ago, that means that Jesus' return must be VERY, VERY, VERY NEAR.

If His Second Coming happens
49 years FROM "the word" to return and build biblical Jerusalem (Daniel 9:25), indeed, as our Lord said in Luke 21:32 THIS generation will NOT have "passed away" until ALL these things (Rapture, tribulation, Second Coming) have taken place.

It means WE ARE THE GENERATION that will witness His glorious return.

Amen. Come, Lord Jesus!


I can't even count the times that someone has said that a generation is 70 years. They base this erroneous assumption SOLELY on Psalm 90:1-10 which says:

Lord, you have been our dwelling place
throughout all generations.

Before the mountains were born or you brought forth the earth and the world, from everlasting to everlasting you are God.

You turn men back to dust, saying, "Return to dust, O sons of men."

For a thousand years in your sight are like a day that has just gone by, or like a watch in the night... All our days pass away under your wrath; we finish our years with a moan.

The length of our days is seventy years-or eighty, if we have the strength; yet THEIR SPAN (as in LIFESPAN) is but trouble and sorrow, for they quickly pass, and we fly away".

Psalm 90
DOES NOT say a generation is 70 years. It speaks of the GENERAL LIFESPAN of individuals, AT THE TIME THE PSALM WAS WRITTEN, being 70-80 years.

A BIBLICAL GENERATION IS AROUND 40 YEARS as evidenced by the following Scriptures: Numbers 32:13; Psalm 95:10; Acts 13:36; 2 Samuel 5:4; Matthew 1:17; Luke 21: 6,20 and 32; Hebrews 3:9,10.

That's biblical proof. All else is religious fantasy.


I take issue with the term "blood moon", often heard in connection to eschatology.
A lunar eclipse IS NOT a "blood moon".

The term "blood moon" refers to the first full moon in the month of August, since that's when hunters used to first go out to kill their prey and spill its blood.

During eclipses the moon turns into a
coppery or orangey color that DOES NOT RESEMBLE BLOOD AT ALL, since blood is deep CRIMSON red.

The Bible is clear that THE SUN turns black FIRST. Then, THE MOON turns red
AS blood, which means that deep, rich, CRIMSON red, UNLIKE ANY eclipse I've ever witnessed -- and I've seen quite a few.

While there are lunar eclipses that will take place during the tribulation, there's
no indication AT ALL that they point to either the APPEARING of Jesus at the Rapture, or to His Second Coming.


                   Related image

You be the judge: does this color resemble blood?


Contrary to popular teaching, there's NOTHING in the Scriptures that indicates the Rapture will happen during a lunar eclipse.


I'm well aware of the FALSE teaching circulating that there will be a series of "blood moons", or "tetrads" meaning 4 consecutive lunar eclipses during a certain period of time.

Such teaching is FALSE. Not only does it lack biblical support, IT

Revelation 6:12 indicates that THE SUN TURNS BLACK
FIRST, then the moon turns blood red.

In EVERY single Scripture where these events which precede the Rapture are described, THE SUN IS ALWAYS MENTIONED

CANNOT BE simultaneous solar and lunar eclipses, it's a PHYSICAL IMPOSSIBILITY.

Therefore, THERE'S NO WAY this can refer to natural lunal eclipses.

Instead, the Scriptures point to A SERIES OF
SUPERNATURAL events orchestrated by God:

The sun turns black, the moon looks like blood, a huge meteor shower of "falling stars", the earth and the atmosphere violently shaking, plus
a rearranging of both geography and topography (Revelation 6:12-16).

No natural lunar eclipse has EVER triggered such chain of events.

This MYTH may sell tons of DVD's, which will end up in the trash, but it's NOT Bible prophecy.

REAL prophecy teachers are focused
on the Son, not the moon.


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NO WAY, B'nei!  The tribulation lasts 3 years (Daniel 7:25; 12:7; Revelation 13:5).  The Second Coming of Christ MUST take place during the Fall Feasts (Daniel 9:24-25).  There's NO WAY of getting 3 years from Tishri to Tishri.  The Rapture can't happen on Rosh Ha Shana (as it's ERRONEOUSLY called) or Yom Teruah (it's CORRECT, biblical name).



If he is, I have some beachfront property in Kansas I'd like you to buy.

One thing all FALSE prophets have in common, is they ONLY talk of doom and gloom. They offer NO HOPE for the future.

TRUE prophecy, found in the Bible, may speak of disasters and calamities, BUT ALWAYS OFFERS HOPE, AND ENDS IN SOMETHING WONDERFUL.

Nostradamus's quatrains are so vague, they can be taken to mean almost anything.

All the claims that he predicted certain events are speculative. There's no solid proof.

In one of his most famous predictions, pertinent to our time, [a specific one, for a change] he said:

"the year 1999, seventh month, from the sky will come the great king of terror, to bring to life the great king of the Mongols, before and after Mars to reign by good luck".

1999 happened 10 years ago. It came and went with no king of terror coming from the sky, or Genghis Khan, who was the king/emperor of the Mongols, and founder of the Mongol Empire, coming back to life.

Some have tried to make this prophecy "fit" Osama Ben Ladin. Only problems are:

He DIDN'T "come from the sky".

His ancestry and origin from Saudi Arabia are well known and documented.

He didn't do anything notable in July, 1999.

Calling him "king of terror" would be stretching it just a bit, since cowering in a cave hardly qualifies anyone to be king of anything.
Nor has he resurrected any king of the Mongols.

That makes Nostradamus a FALSE prophet, and disqualifies him from being a reliable eschatological source.

Update 7/21/2011: In view of Bin Laden's recent death, clearly Nostradamus's prophecy couldn't be describing him. Not only is Bin Laden NOT the "king of terror", he's in hell and KING OF NOTHING.


For those unfamiliar with Nostradamus's dubious prophecies, Mabus is what he supposedly named his "third Antichrist".

Are there three Antichrists? No.

There's only one.

There are, of course,
many "antichrists" [more than three, I assure you], since anyone who is against Christ is technically an "antichrist" (small "a") [1 John 2:18].

But Nostradamus was close [not correct], in his "third antichrist" proposition, because the spirit of Antichrist has already incarnated twice as a famous world leader. He will incarnate for the third and final time as the infamous Antichrist mentioned in the Books of Daniel, 1st John and Revelation.

This "third antichrist" theory is a prime example of satan distorting truth.

Is Nostradamus correct in his "Mabus" designation?
Has satan EVER told the Truth?

Some speculated "Ma
bus" was former President George W. Bush.

Some are now trying to apply the term to President Obama, because his last name contains three of the letters, "m", "a" and "b".

It so happens that the present Secretary of the Navy, and former governor of Mississippi, is named Ray Mabus. Might he be the Antichrist?


The Bible clearly and unequivocally designates Alexander the Great as the future Antichrist, who will rise from the dead, and emerge from the bottomless pit about 4 years prior to the Second Coming.

NO ONE [and certainly no Christian] should look to Nostradamus, or any other false prophet, to accurately predict the future.

There's only One who can accurately predict the future, since He is the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End [Revelation 1:8].

The ONLY ONE who can accurately predict the future is the One who established The End since the Beginning [Isaiah 46:10].

It's His Word we need to scrutinize if we REALLY want to know the future.

All else will raise more questions than answers.

All else will lead to confusion.

All else is a waste of time.


Pyramidology is an OCCULT practice. The Pyramids, while intriguing, have no record whatsoever of predicting anything.

The only so-called "Christians" who engaged in Pyramidology were THAT FALSE PROPHET, Herbert W. Armstrong, WHOSE FALSE DOCTRINE WILL LEAD PEOPLE STRAIGHT TO HELL, and Edgar Cayce.

Neither was a REAL Christian.

The first predicted the Millennium would begin in 1975 [34 years ago]. The latter predicted that Atlantis would be found in 1968, near the Bahamas. Their false prophecies never happened.

I also find Stonehenge, the ruins of Machu Picchu, and the statues of Easter Island intriguing, but I don't look to them to predict the future.


The Mayan calendar predicts the world will end on December 21, 2012.

No one [and certainly
NO Christian] should be looking to the Mayan calendar for answers.

The Mayas are NOT reliable predictors of future events.

For one thing, they were a barbaric civilization, that practiced horrible rituals, including human sacrifice.

For another thing: the Mayans were
pagans. One of their "gods", depicted on the famed Pyramid of Chichen Itza was a serpent [Genesis 3:1]. Whom does that sound like?

NOBODY in their right mind, Christian or non-Christian, should ever seek ANYTHING,
let alone guidance or information, from THE FATHER OF LIES.

The Mayans knew "so much" about the future, that they were UNABLE TO PREDICT THEIR OWN DEMISE.

Mayans did know a thing or two about the stars. They observed the movements of the planets, and were able to calculate certain planetary alignments accurately, just like astronomers are able to do today.

Nobody's taking that away from them. I'm certainly not.

That DOESN'T mean they KNOW THE FUTURE. 

Astronomers today can calculate such things even more accurately, yet they CAN'T TELL YOU what's going to happen tomorrow... much less when the world will end.

There isn't a single Mayan "prophecy" that has come to pass.

The Bible, on the other hand, has a well-established, 5,000-year old track record of prophetic accuracy.

Over 2,000 biblical prophecies have been fulfilled in PRECISE detail.

Looking to a satanic stone, from a barbarous, EXTINCT "civilization", in order to predict our "future", is folly.


That's why we should look ONLY to the Holy Word of God to predict the future.

If it's NOT supported by the Bible, it ain't happening, no matter WHO believes it.

1/23/13 Update:  December 22, 2012, dubbed as "Doomsday", came and went NOT with a bang but with a whimper, proving YET AGAIN THAT the Bible is THE ONLY TRUE, RELIABLE AND ACCURATE PREDICTOR OF END-TIME EVENTS.


The Nibiru or Planet X hoax is a
supposed collision between the Earth and this mysterious planet, which certain groups believe will take place early in the 21st century.

Believers in this doomsday event usually claim it will cause the disastrous "wormwood effect".  The "wormwood" terminology is borrowed from Revelation 8:10.

This myth is pseudoscience at its worst. The idea that this
non-existent planet could possibly collide with the Earth in the near future is not supported by any scientific evidence.

There's also NO SCRIPTURAL EVIDENCE to back it up. NOTHING in the Bible mentions "Planet X", "Planet Nibiru" or, for that matter, any other planet, colliding with the earth.

The wormwood mentioned in Revelation 8:10 is not a planet. It's described as "a blazing star" that falls from heaven

Believers in this nonsensical theory CANNOT EXPLAIN why this supposed planetary collision ONLY affects ONE-THIRD OF THE WATERS [rivers and springs], and NOT the land, grass, trees, homes, buildings, population or infrastructure [Revelation 8:10,11].

They also
can't explain how a planet could POISON the waters as the text clearly indicates.

If a planet collided with the earth, it would destroy it. There would be no survivors.

That means Antichrist, and everyone else on earth would perish.

Hence, there's NO WAY this will happen, and NO WAY it could signal the tribulation.

If you teach this crackpot theory, SHAME ON YOU: you are DELUSIONAL and know as much about Bible prophecy as Bugs Bunny.  You should stop passing yourself off as a "prophecy expert".  And those who buy your crappy books are morons who probably believe in the Tooth Fairy. 



Some are now designating comet Elenin as the mysterious "Planet X", since its headed in the general direction of the earth, and are predicting a collision between Elenin and earth.

Elenin will pass the earth at a distance
100 times farther than the distance from the earth to the moon.  I haven't seen the earth and the moon collide yet, HAVE YOU?  Enough said.

This is a classic example of how quickly UNSCRIPTURAL GARBAGE about SUPPOSED "Bible prophecy" spreads through the internet.

How can something BE "Bible prophecy" when it's NOT EVEN FOUND IN the Bible???


There's NOTHING in the Bible about A COMET -- whether it's called Elenin, Nibiru, Planet X or anything else -- causing the Rapture or the tribulation: NOTHING.

There's NO SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER that the passing of this comet will cause any great catastrophe.

Unless, of course, you consider the dubious "experts" on YouTube with their Mickey Mouse theories "scientific evidence".

According to REAL scientists at NASA this is just a passing comet which will pass RELATIVELY NEAR the earth, and should be a rather inconsequential event.

Please read paragraphs 8-10 at the following link:

But, let's be generous. Let's assume that we had SOLID, CONCLUSIVE SCIENTIFIC PROOF that the recent quakes in Chile or Japan, were directly connected to this comet.


HAS THIS COMET'S ALIGNMENT (with whatever) caused the sun to turn black and the moon blood-red?

Has it caused a large meteor shower?

Has it caused the sky to roll up like a scroll?

Has it caused a massive rearrangement of geography and topography as Revelation 6:12-16 describe?

Has it caused Jesus to appear in the clouds?

That's WHAT WILL HAPPEN, according to the Bible, just prior to the Rapture.

But couldn't this be some sort of "heavenly sign" since it's passing close to the earth during the Feast of Tabernacles (October 16, 2011)?

Hey, there's also going to be A FULL MOON during Tabernacles, could THAT be "a sign"?

The sun will presumably rise up each morning during Tabernacles, is that "a sign"?

Give me a break! These are ALL NATURAL EVENTS. The signs that precede the Rapture are SUPERNATURAL.

God DOESN'T NEED the "help" of ANY NATURAL EVENT to cause the SUPERNATURAL signs described in the Book of Joel, the synoptic Gospels, and the Book of Revelation.

Jesus ALREADY TOLD US what "heavenly signs" will happen as the tribulation starts: the sun turns black, the moon blood-red, a huge meteor shower, the sky rolls unto itself like a scroll, huge quake of land and atmosphere, resulting in new geography and topography.

That's A LOT of specific detail. Sorry. I don't see A COMET on the list.

But isn't this the fulfillment of Revelation 12:1-4 which speaks of a "woman in heaven" clothed in the sun, etc.?

Isn't this what will happen in the sign of Virgo as this comet passes by?


I have posted the picture below which ALLEGEDLY shows Virgo as the "woman" in Revelation 12.

This picture shows the location of the sun and moon, as this comet passes by.

Any OBJECTIVE viewer will have to agree that the sun being on the woman's LEFT SHOULDER, hardly qualifies as her "being clothed" with the sun.

By the way, the Greek text uses the word peribeblēmenē, which means to have the sun WRAPPED AROUND HER.

That's NOT what we see in that planetary projection.

Likewise, the moon being KNEE HIGH to the woman doesn't even come close to being "under her feet" as Revelation 12:1 requires.

The Greek word there is upokatō meaning "below" or "under" her feet.

And, WHERE's the crown of 12 stars that Revelation 12:1 speaks of?


If those stars are her "crown", that's THE UGLIEST CROWN i'VE EVER SEEN. 

WHERE'S the dragon standing right in front of the woman to devour her baby as soon as he's born? (Revelation 12:4).


Most importantly, where's THE BABY?


The woman isn't even pregnant. She's Virgo THE VIRGIN.

Image result for virgo revelation 12

So, all the crap floating around the internet and on YouTube about this event causing the Rapture or triggering the tribulation, or some MAJOR calamity, is just that:


C-R-A-P... is that CLEAR ENOUGH for everyone?

This is A HOAX. It's much ado about NOTHING. Just like Y2k turned out to be a hoax, just like the "North American Union" and the "Amero" turned out to be a hoax (remember them?), just like the UFO over the Temple Mount turned out to be a hoax. Just like a mysterious green figure on video during the Egyptian insurrection dubbed the "4th horseman of Revelation" turned out to be a hoax. Just like the Harold Camping debacle turned out to be a hoax.

You're free to believe whatever you like, but I'm most definitely NOT on board.

And I'm not WASTING another second of my valuable time on this MORONIC piece of crap.

Henceforth ALL communications about this STUPID COMET, WILL BE IGNORED.

Hate to disappoint you, but I get my eschatology FROM GOD'S WORD, not from YouTube.

Update 1/30/12:  Elenin passed RELATIVELY near the earth in October, 2011 WITHOUT ANY catastrophic consequences.  In case you haven't heard, the infamous comet is now DEAD, since it DISINTEGRATED.

All who actively pushed Elenin as triggering the Tribulation need to REPENT and apologize for misleading the public. 
Not to mention for pushing some fantastic theory as "Bible prophecy" WHEN NO SUCH THING IS FOUND IN the Bible.


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